Christy Moore, singer and songwriter, Ireland

Christy Moore is one of Ireland’s most cherished and successful artists. His career as a performer across seven decades has seen him develop generations of devoted fans, not just in Ireland, but across the world. Since his early days, the Irish folk singer has incorporated social and political commentary in his work, such as the international antifascist tradition of Irish Republicanism celebrated in his song’ “Viva la Quinta Brigada”. He recently released an album “Flying into Mystery” which includes the song “December 1942”. He dedicated it to his friend Tomi Reichental who wrote: “I was a Boy in Belsen”. He has recorded a version of “Yellow Triangle” from the 1996 album “Graffiti Tongue” to mark the 19th January 2022 launch of the Rosa Luxemburg Project ‘Antifascist Europe’.