Introduction With a population of 83 Million, Germany is the biggest country in the “European Union”. For decades the far right in Germany wasn´t able to catapult their political parties into the ´Bundestag´, the German parliament. Nonetheless, far-right parties, namely the NPD and Republikaner, noted some successes on a local level and were voted into …

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Introduction With a population of 83 Million, Germany is the biggest country in the “European Union”. For decades the far right in Germany wasn´t able to catapult their political parties into the ´Bundestag´, the German parliament. Nonetheless, far-right parties, namely the NPD and Republikaner, noted some successes on a local level and were voted into …

News & Analysis

Germany | 04/22/2023

Far-Right Extremism Is a Threat to Germany’s Democracy

Investigations have continued into this year, with a second raid against further Reichsbürger on 22 March ending in an exchange of fire between a suspect and the police. How big is this network of far-right conspiracists, and how serious is the threat they pose to liberal democracy in Germany? Die Linke MP and spokesperson for antifascist policy Martina Renner spoke with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Anika Taschke about these questions and the fight against far-right extremism in Germany today.

Germany | 02/06/2023

A Decade of Right-Wing Radicalization

Ten years after its founding, the Alternative für Deutschland shows no sign of moderating its politics By Gerd Wiegel The rise of Germany’s leading right-populist party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) or “Alternative for Germany”, is unprecedented in the German political system. The AfD won 10.3 percent in the autumn 2021 elections, securing it seats …

Germany | 12/16/2022

Raid Against ‘Reichsbürger’: Mad in Germany

In the early morning hours of the 7th of December 2022, 3.000 police officers conducted 130 house searches and arrested 25 individuals. All of this took place in 11 Federal States including Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Thuringia, Lower Saxony, as well as Kitzbühl (Austria) and Perugia (Italy). Out of the 25 …

Germany | 04/28/2022

Germany’s anti-Covid Protests: Dangerous Self-Victimization

This article takes a look at the protests against the Corona restrictions and vaccine mandates in Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic and explains the affective dynamics behind them. After identifying far-right actors as central agitators and promoters of Covid-related conspiracy narratives and introducing the concept of affect for a general audience, it points out how self-victimization is the central affective dynamic behind the anti-covid movement in Germany.

Germany | 02/18/2022

#SayTheirNames #Hanauistüberall #Hanau1902

After the attack of Hanau, which marks its second anniversary, public discourse about racist violence in Germany changed. One on hand it was preceded by little to no prevention attempts, and followed by usual failures of authorities: poor investigative work, cold and disrespectful treatment of the families of the victims, and the ritualized indignation of politicians without any serious consequences. Moreover, Hanau triggered an old trauma of non-white people living in Germany: the racist othering, the daily insults and threats, ultimately violence, and the experience that their lives are less worthy of protection or grief.

Germany | 01/18/2022

Turkish extremist group Grey Wolves finds a favourable climate in Germany

Since the 1970s, largely unnoticed by the general public, a network of Turkish ethnonationalists known as the Grey Wolves has established itself in Germany, targeting Armenians, Kurds, Jews and political opponents. Today, the group constitutes a major domestic security threat, but one that has been consistently underestimated and neglected.

Germany | 01/18/2022

How Germany’s Far Right Is Building Up Anti-Immigrant Parties in the Balkans

The continued electoral success of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has heightened the probability for that its affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation will use public funds to conduct political education promoting authoritarian national radicalism – both in Germany and abroad. In his article, Aleksandar Matković outlines the various contacts and relationships between the AfD and right-wing parties in South-Eastern Europe, especially in Serbia and Croatia. Should the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation” were to receive public funding in the near future, it would be engaged in political education that directly contradicts the original purpose of political foundations in Germany – namely, the promotion of fundamental democratic values to prevent a new fascism.


February 2023

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape From the fall of 2022, anti-refugee protests and attacks increased. Local chapters of the AfD also mobilized against shelters for refugees. The topic of peace has also become more popular among rightwing in Germany. From a nationalist point of view, they are against the war in Ukraine. On February …

January 2023

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape High-ranking AfD members are also repeatedly fleeing from their party out of criticism of the pro-Putin mainstream in the party and the increasingly open fascist wing of the party. At the end of January 2023, the Hessian AfD member of the state parliament Claudia Papst-Dippel resigned from the AfD. …

December 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape On December 1, 2022, a court in Germany ruled that former AfD member of parliament (until 2021) Jens Maier may not return to his job as a judge. That means that some AfD Politicians cannot come back to their normal jobs. (German:!5895626/) Also, in December 2022, the AfD …

October 2022

Introduction In October 2022, the far right in Germany tried to participate in or to start exclusively anti-government protests. These protests took place, but only in East Germany with its own political culture they were strong. The protests were a mixture of covid deniers, far-right, and otherwise angry people. In some federal states like Thuringia, …

September 2022

Introduction In September 2022, right-wing demonstrations against energy sanctions took place in Germany, especially in the east, including in the small town of Lubmin, seat of a gas terminal. The AfD tried to thematize the same topic at the parliamentary level. Neo-Nazis from Germany also took part in events abroad in September 2022, but the German …

August 2022

Introduction In Germany the far right continues with the preparation to protest against inflation and rising energy bills in autumn. Some rallys took place, but the bigger ones only were in East-Germany. The AfD hopes to take part in the protests but the part struggles also with problems. Their foundation was a state-funding denied. Updates in …


Germany | 06/07/2022

NSU Watch

Collective primarily occupied with observation of the criminal process connected to the racist series of murders of the “Nationalsozialistischen Untergrunds” (NSU). Furthermore, a central aspect of their work is to communicate knowledge about neo-Nazis and the NSU and further connect antifascist and anti-racist projects/individuals.

Germany | 06/07/2022

der rechte rand

Antifacist magazine reports on the right-wing scene, anti-democratic currents, neo-Nazis and their intersections with conservatism.

Germany | 06/07/2022

Antifaschistische Infoblatt

Magazine publishing research on developments in the extreme right and observe civil discourse from an anti-fascist perspective.