Introduction With a population of 83 Million, Germany is the biggest country in the “European Union”. For decades the far right in Germany wasn´t able to catapult their political parties into the ´Bundestag´, the German parliament. Nonetheless, far-right parties, namely the NPD and Republikaner, noted some successes on a local level and were voted into …


Germany | 06/07/2022

NSU Watch

Collective primarily occupied with observation of the criminal process connected to the racist series of murders of the “Nationalsozialistischen Untergrunds” (NSU). Furthermore, a central aspect of their work is to communicate knowledge about neo-Nazis and the NSU and further connect antifascist and anti-racist projects/individuals.

Germany | 06/07/2022

der rechte rand

Antifacist magazine reports on the right-wing scene, anti-democratic currents, neo-Nazis and their intersections with conservatism.

Germany | 06/07/2022

Antifaschistische Infoblatt

Magazine publishing research on developments in the extreme right and observe civil discourse from an anti-fascist perspective.