Greece is a parliamentary republic and, since July 2019, ruled by a majority government of the New Democracy (Néa Dhimokratía – right-wing) party. While the economic crisis of 2008-2015 was officially declared over, high numbers of unemployment and stagnated wages remain a problem, magnified by the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


July 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape No significant changes in the national landscape have been observed during this month. The parliamentary far-right party “Greek Solution” retains its following but does not exert significant influence on the far-right political spectrum. The Golden Dawn trial in the Court of Appeals continues, but a split is observed in …

June 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The political landscape of the far-right in Greece remains mainly unchanged. The (repeat) trial of the Golden Dawn in the Court of Appeals started at 15 June 2022. The process is expected to be lengthy but somewhat quicker than the trial in the First Instance Court, which lasted for …

May 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The Greek far-right political scene is undergoing shifts and changes. Kyriakos Velopoulos and his parliamentary far-right party “National Solution” seem to maintain, according to opinion polls, their influence (around 4,5% according to Pulse ) The new party “Ethniki Symfonia” (“National Agreement”) announced by former ND parliamentarian, Konstantinos Bogdanos, was joined in a …

March 2022

Introduction Increase in far-right communication efforts, owing both to rumours about upcoming snap elections and the continuing Russian invasion in Ukraine. ELASYN (party founded by former Golden Dawn leading member Ioannis Lagos) participates in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) conference in Madrid. A message in Greek from notorius Russian neo-Nazi Nikitin, now fighting …

February 2022

Key developments: Main issues in the Greek far-right agenda, as expressed in their public media, continue to be anti-vaccination, anti-immigration, as well as anti-feminism and anti-LGBTQI+. No notable public events with the participation of far-right groups, parties, or persons, on a national or international level, have taken place during this month. The beginning of the …

January 2022

Overall far-right activity remains limited, possibly because of arrests made in December 2021, related to the “Trustees of the Constitution” group. Two events of far-right violence that happened in January 2022 highlight two different aspects of the far-right networks: *Bombing outside a makeshift mosque in Athens * The event of a bombing outside a makeshift …

December 2021

A new far-right organization has emerged: “Thematofylakes” (meaning “Trustees” or “Fiduciaries” – full title “Trustees According to Article 120 of the Constitution”. An organized group of its members “arrested” by force the principal of a high school in Northern Greece, because he implemented anti-COVID-19 measures at the school.

November 2021

No significant events of far-right presence took place during this month.
Most far-right groups in Greece focus on pandemic denial and/or anti-vaccine propaganda online.

October 2021

Escalation of far-right violence both in Thessaloniki and Athens:
Attacks by an organized fascist group against antifascists continue in Thessaloniki, using as a base a Vocational High School in Stavroupoli, continue for four days in a row.
Another attack against members of the Communist Party of Greece takes place in another part of Thessaloniki.