The Island of Ireland refers to the Republic of Ireland: twenty-six counties with a population of over five million organised as the Parliamentary Democratic Republic through a PR-STV electoral system with membership in the European Union since 1973, and Northern Ireland: six counties with a population of 1.9 million organised a consociational power-sharing democracy in the Northern Ireland assembly with PR-STV electoral system.

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Ireland | 06/08/2022

A marginal phenomenon for now

Original text by Damian Lawlor, Offaly and Dieter Reinisch, published in German by junge Welt on 24 April 2022. Translation by Joshua Rahtz Historical reasons, apart from a brief episode in the 1930s, a fascist movement has never been able to establish itself in Ireland. Currently the National Party is seeking influence—but with limited success. …

Ireland | 01/22/2022

Yellow Triangle – Christy Moore

We are honoured to have a range of prominent supporters and patrons. You can read more about the patrons here. One of the patrons is Irish musician and songwriter Christy Moore. Christy Moore is one of Ireland’s most cherished and successful artists. His career as a performer across seven decades has seen him develop generations …