Russia is the largest country in the world and the most populous country in Europe, which was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, many processes in Russia are explained by the peculiarities of the transition to a capitalist economy and the formation of a post-socialist society.

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Russia | 01/26/2023

Making Russia Great Again? How the Kremlin suppressed Russian nationalists, but ended up pursuing their greatest ambition

Written by Alexander Tushkin. He is a Russian anti-fascist journalist and visiting researcher at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Currently, he is a fellow of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies. When Russia’s long-running conflict with Ukraine escalated into a full-blown invasion on 24 February 2022, Russian nationalists …

Russia | 09/30/2022

Russian Volunteer Corps: Denis “WhiteRex” Kapustin is Back in Business

A new unit consisting of Russian volunteers has appeared on the Ukrainian side. It calls itself the Russian Volunteer Corps. Antifascist Europe has concluded that the group is made up of neo-Nazis from Russia, who were organized by the well-known far-right entrepreneur Denis “WhiteRex” Kapustin. A short overview of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) The …

Russia | 09/27/2022

Putinisher Beobachter – Documenting How Nazis and far-right journalists in Russia Engage in War Propaganda

Originally published on 06/08/2022 via The Left Berlin written by Antifacist Europe New Research from Russia shows the extent of Nazi Influence on State Media President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared denazification was the aim of the war in Ukraine – or, the liberation of Ukraine “from Nazi-minded people and Nazi ideology“. Many Nazis and far-right media work …

Russia | 03/16/2022

Russian anti-fascists oppose the war in Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and a few days later adopted a law establishing criminal liability for spreading information about the use of Russian Federation Armed Forces or their discrediting. In fact, the law is used to suppress the freedom of speech and press, to terminate the activities of many media, to block …

Russia | 01/19/2022

A Brief History of Far-Right Movements in Russia

The first far-right groups, and specifically the neo-Nazis, appeared in the USSR back in the 1950s. Schoolchildren and kids from the families of party officials became involved in neo-Nazi groups, as they were attracted to the aesthetics of Nazism with its parades, the cult of the beautiful body and neoclassical architecture. For this, they were called “stilyagi”. Researchers also distinguish a group of “politicians” – adult far-right dissidents who were attracted specifically to the cult of Adolf Hitler.

Russia | 01/18/2022

Nazi Exodus: How Russian Nazis Ended Up In Ukraine

Russian Nazis play a significant role in the Ukrainian far-right movement, even though Ukraine is at war with Russia. The Marker has talked to experts in the field of far-right extremism—journalists, researchers and activists of the anti-fascist movement—and found out which of the Russian Nazis have fled to Ukraine and why.