The current political situation in Serbia can be described in terms of low-intensity conflicts. The ruling conservative Serbian Progressive Party faces several structural problems, first of all the change in the international context, first Biden’s victory in the United States and then the withdrawal of Angela Merkel from the position of German Chancellor weakened Serbia’s international position.


January 2023

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The New Year in Serbia began where the old one ended, with the tensions in Kosovo and the attempt by international institutions to reach an agreement. On January 6, citizens of Kosovo of Serbian nationality aged 11 and 21 were wounded. Because of this, the Serbs in Štrpac protested, …

December 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The year ended with a major escalation of the conflict in Kosovo. A new crisis broke out because the Kosovo police raided the house of a businessman engaged in the production of wine and confiscated 40,000 liters from him. This action was interpreted by the Serbs in the north …

November 2022

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape Tensions in Kosovo continue. On the Kosovo side, Prime Minister Albin Kurti is determined to put the Kosovo institutions in the whole country, including the North, under the supervision of the Government, and on the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Serbia raises the temperature because it …

February 2022

In the first week of February in Belgrade, at the Farenhait 451 club owned by Zentropa, an organization from the far right network organized by Robert Rundo, anonced a concert by a neo-Nazi who calls herself Ewiger Sturm. The concert was canceled due to the timely action of the anti-fascists and due to public pressure. …

January 2022

At the end of December, a new organization called “Eco Revolutionary Action” was founded. The organization is part of the Belgrade Nationalists network, which was formed last year by the American neo-Nazi Robert Rundo. The new organization is in fact part of the far-right neo-Nazi scene that is trying to impose itself with an eco-fascist program.

December 2021

Summarizing the activities of the far-right parties of the movement and organizations in the previous year, we come to several conclusions. First, a new network of far-right organizations was constituted, which is specified in relation to the previous ones. First, it is not tied to the state structures, nor is it in favour of Russia.

November 2021

American neo-Nazi on the run and creator of Serbian neo-Nazi network of “Belgrade nationalists” and “Novi Sad nationalist” are definitely located in Belgrade, according to journalist Michael Colborne, who works for the research site. He moved out of that apartment, although according to our information, he is still on the territory of Serbia. The network of organizations he created in Serbia has been dormant for several months, and even partially disintegrated due to internal conflicts, but now it is ready to act organizationally afgain.
The announced far-right conference, which was to be held in Kosovska Mitrovica, was canceled due to the arrest of the leaders of Forza Nuova, Robert Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, who were arrested in Italy due to the October riots that broke out when demonstrations against Covid 19 measures attacked and set fire to the seat of the leftist CGIL union.

October 2021

Key developments   A conference was held at the Hotel “Moscow” in Belgrade on September 26.  under the auspices of the international organization Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), which gathered far right movements and parties from all over Europe. The conference is a continuation of the one held in May this year in Rome, …