Croatia | 11/30/2021

Croatia 2021 November

Key Developments


November 18th

At the Savski Gaj Elementary School in Zagreb, graphite messages full of Ustasha and Nazi symbols appeared, as well as messages of hatred towards Serbs. Member of Parliament Milorad Pupovac is also mentioned. “The day is slowly dawning, this night, a Serbian mother must go to the cemetery,” he wrote on one side of the wall next to “Kill a Serb”. The second one has Ustasha salute “Ready for homeland” and a cross in a circle next to the letters WPWW, which is a symbol of white nationalism. “Kill the Serb” with the Ustasha “u” and “chase Pupovac”, as well as “Pupovac, Chetnik, Krepaj” and “Savski Gaj hates Chetniks!”. And on the outer wall there is a willow tree under which it says “Serbian family tree”, as well as “Zagreb hates Serbs” and “Serbs on willows”.

November 20th

During the largest protest held in Zagreb for the abolition of covid passports, the 1st Volunteer Battalion, a paramilitary formation, was presented. Hundreds of men between the ages of 18 and 40 lined up in Zagreb’s main square under the black flag with ustasha salute, dressed in black. A video of their line-up appeared on a Youtube channel that shares its name with the HOS (Croatian Defense Forces) paramilitary unit.

HOS were the paramilitary arm of the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP), who subsequently published on their facebook page: “As part of the big protest, the 1st Volunteer Battalion self-organized and lined up, which is made available to army and police officers who want to put an end to this madness carried out by blind neo-globalist servants! Well done guys! ”