Croatia | 10/31/2021

Croatia 2021 October

Key Developments


October 2nd

Croatian Sovereignists held a party congress on which the far-right parties merged. Hrast, the Croatian Conservative Party and the Generation of Renewal, many members of the Independents for Croatia, and some from the Homeland Movement

October 19th

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković (HDZ) called members of the People’s Liberation Struggle, those who liberated Dubrovnik from fascist occupiers in April 1944, “so-called liberators”. The mayor also said that “we must remember all those who died innocently for the freedom of the independent homeland of Croatia”, but he did not meant on partisans but the servants of the occupiers. He also concluded that these quisling soldiers were killed only because they were Croats. The mayor did not come to the anniversary of the liberation of Dubrovnik, which took place the day before.

October 28th

Lika-Senj County Prefect Ernest Petry (HDZ) announced last week that the exhumation of the remains of people killed in 1945 had begun in Gospić. In that announcement, he called the partisans, the liberators of Gospić, “criminals with a star at their head” who, in his opinion, “in the name of some so-called liberation anti-fascism, publicly and secretly hanged, slaughtered and shot according to a pre-planned plan”.