Croatia | 04/18/2022

Croatia 2022 April


The war in Ukraine continues to have a major impact on the situation in Croatia, both due to the constant reporting on the suffering of the Ukrainian people and due to the constant rise of prices of food, utilities and fuel.

A regular annual report on the historical revision, hate speech and violence against Serbs of the SNV Bilten was published, recording 506 cases. Almost ten times more graffiti and signs of hateful content were recorded than previous year.

The extreme right, as usual, marked the NDH Day with Ustasha symbols on social networks, graphite on walls and monuments to the victims of fascism. It is regularly officially marked by the crypto-fascist celebration of the false day of the founding of HOS (paramilitary formation from 90s war). This year, an government emissary also took part in the celebration, saying: “You must know that if there was not April 10, 1941, there would be no today’s Croatia.” Ante Prkačin, Member of Parliament for the Homeland Movement, and the President of the Split-Dalmatia County Assembly, also from the Homeland Movement, also celebrated NDH, and used Ustasha chant “Za dom spremni”. The gathering was also attended by the far-right singer Thompson.

As positive news, it should be noted that the Republic of Austria banned the rally in Bleiburg, which was also called the largest fascist rally in Europe. City of Slavonski Brod has finally made the decision to take down the street of Ustasha war criminal Mile Budak, the author of racial laws in NDH. Several other cities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina still have streets named after him.

Transnational Social Media Activity & Propaganda/Narratives

The war in Ukraine also affected the graffiti of the extreme right, which now mixes Ustasha with support for Ukraine, so now the inscriptions “Slava Ukraini” contain Ustasha U with a cross, a symbol of the Crusaders – Ustasha terrorists after the war, and the letter S is written in the style of the SS

Football hooligans also took over Azov iconography. Stickers of the Bad Blue Boys football fan group are based on the World War II Reich War Flag, but now also in the colors of Ukraine, similar flags could be seen at the Azov Battalion.

Transnational Political and Financial Cooperation

Members of the Presidency of the Croatian Sovereignists: President Marijan Pavliček, Davorin Karačić, Frano Čirko and Marko Milanović Litre participated in a donation dinner for Ukraine organized by the Bad Blue Boys and the Embassy of Ukraine in Croatia. Denis Šeler addressed the audience during the evening; a member of the Croatian sovereignists and a member of the AZOV regiment. The founder of the Azov Regiment, Colonel Andriy Biletsky, also addressed the audience with a video message from the Ukrainian battlefield, thanking Dinamo Zagreb fans.