Croatia | 03/16/2022

Croatia 2022 March

March 8

After the traditional March 8 march in Zagreb, two young men carrying banners with anarchist messages were attacked. One of the victims had a broken elbow.

Frano Čirko – Lukov marš

Frano Čirko (Croatian Sovereignists) posted a video of his speech from his ten years ago at an international nationalist conference organized by the Bulgarian People’s Alliance on his Facebook profile. Next to him stood the “Flame of St. Dimitrov” which organized the neo-Nazi Lukov March. Cirko introduced his followers to the messages of the nationalist conference and the Lukov March.

Mural to a convicted war criminal in Karlovac

At the initiative of the Workers’ Front, a mural dedicated to convicted war criminal Mihajlo Hrastov, which was placed on the railway overpass in Karlovac, will be removed. When asked by Katarina Peović, the Ministry of Transport requested a statement from HŽ Infrastruktura – and HŽ Infrastruktura sent a request for the removal of the mural to the veteran association SJP “GROM”, and ordered the removal of the mural within 10 days!čka-pitanja/1734-uklanjanje-murala-ratnog-zločinca-u-karlovcu

Lošo in Velebit Podcast

Retired Admiral and former adviser to President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Domazet Lošo was a guest on the far-right Velebit Podcast. He is a fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he once described as the only defender of true Christian values. On the Podcast, Velebit he repeated Putin’s thesis that Ukraine was created in the October Revolution, the Ukrainian language is a version of the Russian language, Kyiv has never been Ukrainian, Ukraine is a Russian country … “. He is suspicious of Ukrainian refugees we see on TV:” Look at these refugees. Do you know that there is something called crisis actors? That’s what Hollywood developed. Look at the Ukrainian refugees in relation to ours from the Homeland War. Admiral Lošo resents President Zelenski for “dressing in a woman’s uniform” and “walking in heels”. He is an exponent of the liberal West “in which a man is no longer a man”.

Bujanec switch from putinophile to Azov promotor

Velimir Bujanec incited leftists, liberals and representatives of the Serbian minority on Facebook and in his show “Bujica” because they allegedly support Putin. But the Russian president has been praised for years as the “great gentleman”, “true Russian patriot” and bearer of “traditional values” by the leader and guests of “Bujica”. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of the neighboring country, Bujanec has begun to intensively promote the neo-Nazi Ukrainian unit Azov and attack everyone who writes critically about Azov.

How the right wants to take advantage of the war in Ukraine

Until almost a week ago, most of conservative and far-right politicians, MPs, columnists and activists praised Putin for “representing traditional Christian values”. They supported the annexation of Crimea and called for Croatia to occupy parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. MP Zeljko Sacic wants to use the war in Ukraine to militarize Croatia, invest billions in armaments and restore compulsory military service – of course because of the threat from the east, Serbs. A few years ago, Sacic thanked Putin for his anti-immigrant and patriotic views.

Marin Miletić, MP for Most, announces purges of all those who “worked against the Catholic faith, Croatian culture and identity” because of Putin’s crimes. In the last ten years, the same Marin praised Putin for spreading the faith and Russia’s fight against radical Islamists: “Long live Comrade Putin! That titan who transports parishioners by train through the wastelands of Mother Russia in order to convert and receive the Cross.”

The entire right wing in Croatia, and especially football fans and vandals, embraced the greeting “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes”, which was completely rehabilitated in the mainstream by Russian aggression. Their ultimate goal is the rehabilitation of the Ustasha salute For Home, ready on the same principle. Links were also being placed between the Azov Battalion and the HOS with the same goal.