Croatia | 02/16/2022

Croatia 2022 February

*Dinamo football fans in Seville waved the Ustasha flag *

Hooligans of Dinamo football club fans, known as BBB, went to the away match in Seville. There, they smashed shop windows in the city center and got into fights. The Spanish newspaper El Desmarque published a video in which Dinamo fans are clearly visible, and in one shot you can see the Ustasha flag with the first white field and the “U” sign in the upper left corner.

*Croatian volunteers from Azov in the mainstream media *

Commenting on Russia’s attack on Ukraine, several former warriors from the Ukrainian battlefield it has been a guest on extreme right-wing shows such as Bujica or medium-stream television and dailies. Denis Šeler, Ivo Dumančić and Bruno Zorica aka Zulu have employed quite a few pieces of ether in the function of Croatian patriots and former fighters against Russian separatists. The trio, as well as the journalists who hosted them, did not deny their former affiliation with Azov, but simply kept silent about what lies behind the name of the Ukrainian unit.

Emboldened by media fame and support for Ukraine, one of Azov’s veterans, Damir Filipović, Denis Scheler’s best man, publicly brags on his Twitter profile that he equipped Azov and the Right Sector with weapons. He threatens with a “list of separatist pigs on which some names are bolded with a felt-tip pen.”

*Croatian mercenaries in Ukraine *

Russian news agency reported that in: “The past week alone, about 200 mercenaries from Croatia arrived through Poland and joined one of the battalions of nationalists in southeastern Ukraine.” The military attache of the Croatian embassy in Moscow was summoned to Russia’s Defense Ministry and told, in particular, that the Russian side was aware of the mercenaries’ arrival, he said. “The military attache was told about the illegal activity of Croatian citizen Denis Seler who had participated in combat operations in southeastern Ukraine in 2015 and was now setting up groups of Croatian mercenaries for sending them to Ukraine.”

Advertisements for joining the Ukrainian Legion appear on social networks in Croatia. The website states that these units also include soldiers from Croatia, one of the eight countries listed.