Croatia | 01/31/2022

Croatia 2022 January

Fans at the match of the Croatian national handball team

January 15th. At the match of the Croatian national handball team against Serbia at the European Handball Championship in Hungary, hooligans in T-shirts with Ustasha symbols and greetings praised convicted war criminal Mihajlo Hrastov who killed 13 disarmed reservists and shouted: “Kill the Serb”.

Nazi graffiti in Pula

January 27th. Nazi graffiti appeared in Pula on the day of remembrance of the Holocaust victims near the Arena: Swastika, Ustasha’s salute, Celtic cross and the symbol of the Ustasha crusaders.

Tram 11 released an album full of hate verses

Hip hop duo Tram 11 have released a long-awaited album after 22 years. Music critics of the mainstream newspaper called it the “album of the year” and “a better manifesto of the enraged ‘right’ than all the Bridges and Homeland Movements combined.” but it is a “soundtrack of Croatian neo-fascism” cocktail of homophobia and misogyny, chauvinistic Yugoslav and Serbophobia, anti-communism, hatred of the media and liberal civil society, corona scepticism, calling out “traitors”, calling for militarism and violence, with standard brutal sexism.

After people listened to the album that sang all the fascist hatred that we can read on social networks, watch on Bujica and read in “Hrvatski tjednik” and when negative criticism started, the publisher Menart stopped working with Tram 11 and withdrew the album from sale.

After the album was banned, the right and liberals called them victims of cancel culture. During the guest appearances in the media that followed, they explained their verses in detail, reproducing all Ustasha mythology and denying the genocide perpetrated by the Ustashas. The new favourites of the extreme right boasted on social media that they were friends with Velimir Bujanec from Bujica and Zlatko Hasanbegović from the Homeland Movement.