Croatia | 07/18/2022

Croatia 2022 July

July 2nd – Despa Memorial

For the eighth year Blood and Honor Croatia organized neo-Nazis gathering Despa memorial. It was also held this July and gathered around 70 Nazis from Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland. Bands played: Feher Torveny from Hungary, Kodex Frei and Smart Violence from Germany.

Blood and Honor Croatia was founded in 2004 and had four divisions: Crusader Rijeka, Division Pula, Division Zagreb and Division Osijek. They cooperate more closely with B&H Slovenia and Hungary. After a series of racist attacks, failed concerts, closed fanzines and arrests, they disappeared from the public and were pushed to the side. But at least once a year, we hear about them after the Despa memorial, when figures like the ones that appeared on the Rijeka beach this summer.

After the Antifašistički vjesnik posted (Antifascist Herald) on Twitter photos of the duo completely tattooed with Nazi tattoos, post became viral. Although it was soon discovered that they were Hungarian neo-Nazis, the false news that they were “Ukrainian tourists” was spread globally.

The Antifascist Herald identified the taller neo-Nazi through photos of the concert on the website of Blood and Honor Hungary. The AntifaInfo Budapest found that the man is a member of the band Hunnia, and he can be seen playing the guitar in several photos on the band’s Facebook page. His name is Anka Kristóf. Shorter neo-Nazi is Tóth Ádám from Godollo, Hungary.

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