Croatia | 06/18/2022

Croatia 2022 June

June 1 Vigilare – a radical ultra-conservative association, the Croatian branch of the Tradition, family, property – TFP movement published a proclamation that looks like a call to crusade: “War has been declared: The supremacy and the powers of darkness have attacked Catholic Croatia – we repel the attack and go into fierce battle!”. They were triggered after mass protests in defense of women’s right to choose and after judgment of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia accepted the appeal against the verdict, and confirmed that the Vigilare association encouraged discrimination and harassment of LGBTIQ persons and their families. Rainbow’s families sued the Vigilars for starting a petition called “Stop homo-propaganda on state television.” Let’s stop fake rainbows, protect children and families!”.

June 2 Holocaust denial continues unhindered in Croatia. The new book “Stvarni Jasenovac” (The Real Jasenovac) by Tomislav Vuković, published by the Society for the Research of the Triple Jasenovac Camp was published. Book claims that “science recognizes only 725 victims in Jasenovac”. The fact is that there is a name list of 82,000 killed in Jasenovac Camp.

June 8 Right-wingers in Pub organized another homophobic event in Veliki Tolk pub. This time the topic was called: “Monkey Pox Epidemic and LGBT+P”. These questions were discussed: “What, in your opinion, is the most effective way to combat the epidemic of LGBT+P ideology and monkeypox? Is it necessary to introduce a lockdown for members of the LGBT+P community, or would the obligation to wear protective suits be enough? How to respond to the spread of misinformation about the LGBT+P ideology that its advocates carry out in the mainstream media and the education system? Should members of the LGBT+P community be allowed to attend deradicalization programs in order to reintegrate into society, or not? ”

After the LGBT community asked the breweries that advertise in the Veliki Tolk pub if they support their homophobic agenda, the brewers put pressure on pub, and since June 15, the Right-wingers in the pub have been left without a pub.

June 22

On the Croatian national holiday “Day of the Anti-Fascist Struggle”, the Croatian Studies held an international scientific meeting ‘The Importance of European Memory for the European Future: Communist Crimes’. It was organized with the financial support of the Faculty of Croatian Studies University of Zagreb, Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The gathering was welcomed by the director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Holger Haibach.

We will present several speakers at this anti-anti-fascist revisionist meeting. Bojan Dimitrijević who wears a T-shirt with the symbol of the SS Prinz Eugen division; founder of the alt-right group Generacija Obnova Leo Marić; big fan of Dinko Šakić commander of the Jasenovac death camp, Blanka Matković and denier of Ustasha crimes against the people of Banija and children in the Sisak camp, Vlatka Vukelić.

June 29 MP Marko Milanović Litre (Croatian Sovereignists) participated in the “Green Conservatism” conference organized by the Polish institute Promyka, a kind of “Think tank” of the ruling Polish party “Law and Justice”.

After that conference, he announced that as the deputy president of the New Direction foundation, in agreement with Poland Prawo and Sprawiedliwość, they enabled all members of Croatian Sovereignty under the age of 30 to participate in the summer camp called “Freedom and Sovereignty” which will be held in Warsaw from the 11th to the 15th. August 2022.