Croatia | 09/17/2022

Croatia 2022 September

The main event organized by the extreme right in September in Croatia was the protest of the “Free Together” (Slobodni zajedno) initiative, which was presented as a protest against the work of the Government. The rally was also supported by extreme right-wing parliamentary parties. Instead of talking about the topics they announced (corruption and gas theft), the speakers mainly talked about vaccinations, gender ideology, LGBT propaganda, denied climate change, “big reset” and spoke against the WHO “which is trying to introduce global communist-digital totalitarianism “.

At the meeting, there were several verbal attacks on journalists and the media as the main promoters and producers of lies. Some analysts have noticed that they act like a kind of branch of the German organization “Querdenker“.

The rally will be remembered for the fact that the police detained a suspicious person at the rally, who was found with two Molotov cocktails and a bomb with explosives and nails. The arrested young man was born in 2005 and was previously known to the police as a follower of Marko Francisković, who has been in prison since the end of 2021 on charges of incitement to terrorism.

Something else was happening on the edge of the demonstrations. Police did not allow a group of protesters to approach the stage, because “that’s what the organizers asked for”. However, a militant group of thirty people does not give up and breaks through the cordon. One of the leaders of the group, Gordan Šebalj, is member of the Homeland Movement in Kutina, a war veteran and a prominent anti-vaxxer activist. A few months ago, he founded the Hrvatski ratnik (Croatian warrior) association with other veterans and he put a military training of youth in Croatia into the statute of that organization. In April, he announced on Podcast Velebit (extreme right-wing media) that “they are establishing a National Civil Guard with military training.”

Prime Minister and President of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) Andrej Plenković said that in Croatia there are people who are ready to use force to overthrow the democratically elected government and that there are people who are organized, arming themselves and trying to change the government by force . He sees an almost identical pattern in this case as in the case of Danijel Bezuk, who shot at the government building and police officers two years ago, and then committed suicide.

Marko Milanović Litre, member of parliament of the Croatian sovereignists, boasted on his Facebook profile that he was in Tallinn, Estonia, where he participated in the “Defining Freedom” conference organized by New Direction, of which he is the vice-president. He boasted about his cooperation with Tomasz Poreb, a Polish MEP from the Law and Justice party and the president of New Direction, which has been going on for more than two years. Also in the photo was the well-known homophobe Ryszard Legutko, co-chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists and head of the Polish Law and Justice delegation in the European Parliament.