France | 12/31/2021

France 2021 December

Key developments

On December 5th, Eric Zemmour held his first political meeting to kick off his campaign in Paris, in front of 13 000 participants, including politicians and identitarian figures officially displaying their support to the new candidate. At the event, anti-racist activists were violently attacked as they conducted a peaceful action (i.e. shouting “no to racism!” wearing t-shirts with this slogan). Members of the ultra-right violent group Les Zouaves Paris counted among the assailants, and two of them have been arrested since then. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has reportedly started a dissolution procedure against the group. Eric Zemmour has not denounced the violent actions from his supporters.

On December 20th, a new violent video was revealed by an antifascist leader. The video shows Zemmour’s supporters practicing shooting. Their supposed targets: named left-wing members of Parliament, Emmanuel Macron, antifa, “leftists” and Muslim foreigners whom they insult with racist comments. Eric Zemmour made an official press release to distance himself from the video and its creators, in which he however simultaneously targeted the antifas allegedly “harassing” him. The two men shown in the video have been identified and will be judged early next year.

A new branch of the international Mototcycle Club (MC) Les Bandidos is reported to have settled in Besançon. Members directly come from the neo-Nazi scene and more precisely from the group Combat 18 (dissolved in 2019), which claimed to be the armed group of Blood and Honour, an international neo-Nazi organisation. The Bettoni brothers, former leaders of Combat 18 seem to be behind this new local branch.


International links

On December 3rd and 4th, Marine Le Pen went to Warsaw to meet her other leaders of European nationalist parties at the invitation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS). This was the follow-up of a meeting earlier this year which aimed to initiate a new alliance between a dozen of Conservative parties at the European Parliament. The hope is to bring together the Identity and Democracy, ID, (which includes the RN and la Salvini’s Ligua) and the European Conservative and Reformists group (PiS, Fratelli d’Italia) and the non-affiliated Hungarian Fidesz members, to create an greater nationalist and conservative political force at the EU Parliament.

On December 12th, Yvan Benedetti (Jeune Nation and Les Nationalistes), gave an online conference to the Portuguese nationalist movement Força Nova (see picture 1).

Les Braves, (Conversano) inaugurated two new national sections in Russia and Ukraine. (see pictures 2 and 3).



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