France | 11/30/2021

France 2021 November

Key developments

  • On November 2, StreetPress revealed that supporters of Eric Zemmour practiced shooting on racist caricature targets (a black man, a Muslim, a Jew).
  • On November 5, as a response to StreetPress’ article, a far-right Telegram channel published a photomontage with pictures or caricatures of left-wing journalists and politicians (among others), with a red target on their forehead. Alongside the message provides a link to a website where one can legally buy weapons. Claims have been filed to the police.
  • Between November 4-7, a catholic-fundamentalist training camp for young men between 16 and 23 years old was held near Orléans. The “Camps des Hussards” was led by Abbot Matthieu Raffray, a figure of the far-right catholic-fundamentalist sphere. On the program for the weekend, only manly activities: “fight, fight, pray”. Baptiste Marchais, a far-right youtuber was also present.
  • On November 17, the local organisation Alvarium in Angers was dissolved by the French government, on the basis of inciting to discrimination and violence, notably through the promotion of an amalgam between immigration, Islam and terrorism, spreading a xenophobic ideology through connections with other similar groups.
  • On November 23, 13 far-right activists were arrested as they planned violent actions. They were part of a wider network called “Recolonisation France” and which had a least 4 regional entities. This group promotes an identitarian, racist and survivalist ideology, and had already gathered many weapons and called for the formation or armed action groups. Telegram was used as a means to recruit new members, as well as personalities of the far right such as “Monsieur K”, close in the past to Alain Soral (Égalité et Réconciliation)
  • On November 20, the Collectif Nemesis, a far-right “feminist” group (anti-Islam and immigration) was present at the feminist demonstration to protest against violence against women. As they tried to be silenced, trouble arose and their masculine defenders from La Cocarde Étudiante (student union) and Action Française got into a fight.
  • On November 20, a customs investigation led the Police to inspect the residence of a person where they found over 130 weapons as well as neo-Nazi propaganda. An accomplice, an active soldier from the French army, was already been denounced by Mediapart’s investigation earlier this year for his public display of Nazi symbols.
  • On November 27, the Foundation Polemia, founded notably by Jean-Yves Le Gallou, held its 7th Forum of dissidence, featuring the sociologist Michel Maffesoli and Nicolas Faure (Sunrise Media), among others. The theme was “You are the majority, they are the extremists!” (See picture 1).
  • On November 30, Eric Zemmour finally announced he will run for the 2022 presidential elections, with a dramatic video combining a speech and images on the downfall of France.


International links

  • Between November 19-21, Yvan Benedetti organized and led a trip to “nationalist Spain” in order to celebrate the anniversary of the death of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera on November 19th, founder of the Falange Española (see Pictures 2 and 3).
  • Les Braves opened a new section in Croatia (See Picture 4) and were present in Warsaw, Poland on November 11 for the Nationalist march and celebration (see picture 5)



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