France | 10/31/2021

France 2021 October

Key developments

  • On October 2nd a 19-year-old was arrested as he had planned to commit terrorist attacks on two mosques and his former high school, on April 20, 2022, Hitler’s birthday. This article on Mediapart gives more context on the accelerationist doctrine behind such deadly projects (the aim being to trigger a racial civil war, thought as inevitable, therefore the need to accelerate its occurrence in order to start anew).
  • Eric Zemmour, still not officially a candidate for the presidential elections, keeps rising in election polls and occupying media space to spread his hateful speeches. He also continues his book release tour, considered by many as a (not so well) disguised campaign. Mediapart revealed his connections and organizational support from well-known far-right groups such as the monarchist organization Action Française.
  • Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has started a procedure to dissolve the organization Alvarium in Angers, born in the wake of the Bastion Social (dissolved in 2019) and close to other organizations such as Génération Identitaire (dissolved in 2021).
  • Far-right violence has increased in the last few months. This can be partly explained by the numerous weekly demonstrations against covid measures and the vaccine obligation/covid-pass, where the far-right has been very present. Here is the map of far-right violence.
  • On October 28th Rémi Daillet, the figure of conspiracy movements connected to the Honneur et Nation neonazi group was now been charged for terrorism as he was involved with the coordination of a 300 people network (organized in local entities) eventually planning a coup. Its “operation Azul” counted vaccination centers, 5G towers, a masonic lodge, and journalists among its numerous targets.


International links

  • On September 25th, members of Jeune Nation (a group led by Yvan Benedetti) were in Sofia, Bulgaria to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Bulgarian Union. Recently they have shown their support against the banning of the organization.
  • Marion Maréchal formalized yet another partnership between her graduate school ISSEP and, this time, the Collegium Intermarium in Warsaw, Poland. They indeed share “the same ambition to train a new generation of executives who serve and defend the European heritage and the freedom of Nations” (see Picture 1).
  • Les Braves, Daniel Conversano’s organization started an English Telegram channel in order to attract a wider community. The organization is spreading across Europe, as shown by their map of local groups. It advertised in this logic its upcoming participation in the 11th November demonstration in Warsaw along with Polish Nationalists, to celebrate the anniversary of Poland’s independence (see Pictures 2 and 3).
  • Thais d’Escufon, the former spokesperson of Génération Identitaire, was once again the guest on Martin Sellner (Generation Identity Austria)’s show to speak about Eric Zemmour, whom she supports.
  • Jordan Bardella, RN president, was present at the launch of a new far-right party in Belgium: Chez Nous, along with Tom Van Grieken, the president of the Vlaams Belang (see Picture 4).
  • On October 26ht Marine le Pen, RN and presidential candidate, met Viktor Orban in Hungary to reaffirm their ideological proximity against immigration, EU regulations, and for an alliance of Nations in Europe (see Picture 5)



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