France | 09/17/2022

France 2022 September

National scene

September was marked by the “summer universtities” of the two main French far-right parties. First, Reconquête, Eric Zemmour’s party, held a weekend gathering between September 8-11th, aimed at fostering member’s involvement and cohesion through convivial activities, workshops and talks from executives from the party. On a similar model, Rassemblement National held its summer university version the following weekend. Marine Le Pen specifically aimed at providing training for the newly elected 89MPs and made it clear that the next aim is the victory at the next 2027 elections. To that end, the party wants to invest into institutionalising political training for executives. Immigration and energy prices were predominating themes.

Unsurprisingly, both the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary far right have praised and congratulated the respective successes of the far-right parties at the latest elections in Sweden and Italy, hoping to be able to ride this far-right waves themselves.

Transnational connections

Les Braves, the white communautarist white supremacist network created by Daniel Conversano has opened a new section in Estonia, as part of its aim to build connected groups throughout Europe.

Polemia, Jean-Yves Le Gallou’s foundation for “re-information” published this month an interview of the German AfD candidate Stefan Marzischewski-Drewes, running for the upcoming regional elections early October in lower Saxony.

In the meantime, the writings of Alain de Benoist, prominent figure of the French New Right (Nouvelle Droite), keeps being translated into Italian (see picture), and was invited for a discussion in Catania on September 30th at the museum Ursino Castle (see picture).

Another transnational connection is to be observed in the importation to France from the USA of “Active clubs”. Closely connected to Rob Rundo, a US American white supremacist and co-founder of the Rise Above Movement (RAM), a violent MMA group with members convicted after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, and currently in Serbia. He runs the Telegram channel Activism, Athletics, Identity – a good summary of his interests –, but also an online clothing and accessories store with the brand “Will to rise”. In his legacy, Active Clubs have emerged in France since April 2022, claiming to be present in Rouen, Grenoble, Paris, Nimes, Chalon-sur-Saone, La Rochelle, Caen, Valence, Marseille; with pictures shared on Rundo’s channels. The main activities revolve around fighting and training, which is already a transversal occupation for many locally implemented far-right groups. For example, the Active Club Valence is connected to the existing group Valence Patriote (see picture), itself a support of Eric Zemmour during the last presidential elections.