Germany | 07/18/2022

Germany 2022 July

Introduction In Germany the far right in Germany was in July preparing for the coming crisis (energy, inflation) to profite from the anger of the people. In addition, cooperation between the extreme right from Germany and extreme right from Belgium, Austria, Canada and the USA was observed in July.

Updates in the National Landscape In view of the looming energy problems due to gas shortages in autumn, far right-wingers in Germany are preparing for coming unrest. The Green Party, “Fridays for Future” and the USA are the marked enemy. Nuclear power and an end to sanctions against Russia are promoted as solutions. (German: The AfD continues to prepare for the issue of inflation and increased energy prices as a campaign theme. The protests are to start in the fall. (German: On July 4, 2022, the AfD launched as a first step a campaign on the topic of inflation. It blamed inflation primarily on the government and its taxes.

In response to the July 2022 heat wave, the AfD and other far right tried to portray it as normal and continue to engage in climate change denial.

The softliners of the AfD are leaving the party after the fascist wing got more power. For example on July 7, 2022, Christopher Emden, a member of the AfD parliament in Lower Saxony, resigned from his party.

There are still trials on the case of far right terrorism in Germany. One of the ended in July. On 15 July 2022, the former soldier Franco Albrecht was sentenced by a court in Frankfurt to five years and six months imprisonment for right-wing terrorism (“preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state”) as well as violations of the Weapons Act, embezzlement and fraud.

There are also cases of (probably far right motivated) attacks where the offenders stayed unknown. In the night of July 4 to 5, 2022, there was an explosive attack on the office of the Left Party in Oberhausen. (

Transnational Political and Financial Cooperation The AfD and her youth organisation “Junge Alternative” are still participating in international far right networks: * Members of the AfD and the “Junge Alternative” took part in the farmers’ protests in the Netherlands in July 2022.
( * Christine Anderson, MEP for the AfD, calls in the end of July with prominent anti-vaccination and corona-deniers for a „global walkout“. Her allies are: Robert Kennedy Junior (USA), Dr. Peter McCullough (USA), Dr. Robert Malone (USA), Christine Anderson (Germany), Mike Yeadon (UK), Jimmy Levy (USA), Morgan C. Jonas (Australia), Amanda Forbes (Canada), Alexander Tschugguel (Austria), Michael Matt (USA) and Monica Smit (Australia).
* On 29 July 2022, members of the “Junge Alternative” in Gent (Belgium) attended the summer barbecue of the “Vlaams Belang Jongeren”. * On 28-31 July 2022, members of the AfD youth organisation “Junge Alternative” visited, among others, the FPÖ youth organisation “Freiheitliche Jugend Kärnten” in Austria.

There are also collaborations in the field of music. For example on July 2, 2022, the “Despa memorial gig” of “Blood&Honour” took place in Croatia. 70 people from Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland participated. The bands “Feher Torveny” (Hungary), “Kodex Frei” (Germany) and “Smart Violence” (Germany) played.

In July 2022, the security authorities announced that since the beginning of the war, 31 journeys of “persons with extremist connections” from Germany to Ukraine had been registered and a total of 50 had attempted it. Eight of them wanted to take part in combat operations.