Germany | 03/16/2022

Germany 2022 March

On March 3, 2022, a court confirmed that the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) may be classified as a “suspicious case” by the domestic intelligence service “Verfassungsschutz”. This means that in the long term, civil servants who are members of the AfD could face problems under professional law (Berufsrecht//). (German:
Since then, several elected officials have left the AfD.

Several extreme right-wing officials died in Germany in March 2022. In mid-March, it became known that the anti-Islam publicist Michael Merkle (“Michael Mannheimer”) had died. (German: In addition, on March 19, 2022, Reichsbürger activist Dr. Rigolf Hennig passed away.


The German far right and the Russia-Ukraine war


The far right in Germany continues to be divided over the issue of taking sides in the Ukraine war. The extreme right-wing AfD, for example, officially condemns the Russian war of aggression, but members of the party continue to spread Russian propaganda lies.
For example, Thuringia’s AfD faction leader Björn Höcke claimed that there are American bioweapons in Ukraine. (German:!5844230/)

On March 16 2022, the extreme right-wing Jungeuropa publishing house announced that its author Mykola Kravchenko, a Ukrainian fascist, had been killed in action in Ukraine. He had written a foreword for the German edition of the Ukrainian publication “Natiokratie” for the Jungeuropa publishing house.

According to authorities, 28 extreme right-wingers from Germany have travelled to Ukraine, but only three of them have been involved in fighting. Also the fascist German party “Der III. Weg” was searching for homes for their Ukrainian comrades and their families. (German:

A part of the extreme right is also ‘engaged’ beyond direct fighting in Ukraine:

The Identitarians organised help for refugees – of course only if they are white:
„We are not passive in this time of war. This week identitarian activists from Denmark, Hungary and France will go to the Ukrainian border with supplies for the refugees there. You can support us by donating by thursday (3rd of march) morning at the latest, as we will do the last shopping early on thursday. All donations received in this period will go directly to this mission. As Europeans, it is important that we support each other when times are. We are many different peoples in Europe. Even though we each have our own history and culture, we are also connected to each other. We share the past, and also the future. When the events take place right outside our own doorstep, then it’s time to show solidarity.“ Identitarians from Germany, Denmark, France and Hungary met at 5th of March 2022 in Budapest to help refugees from Ukraine. (German:

The fascist network „Europa Terra Nostra“ organized with the association „Det Fria Sverige“ in Sweden the support for a Children’s Hospital in Lwiw.

The neo-Nazi party “Der III. Weg” delivered army clothes and other things to the Ukraine. They allegedly delivered 800 Bundeswehr cold weather suits, 200 British Army combat vests, four flak jackets, 24 radios and three thermal imaging cameras. (German:!5845602/)

Right wing football Hooligans organized also support for far right fighters in the Ukraine: „The Hooligans of Bfc Dynamo and Hertha berlin + friends support our brothers, the warriors of ukraine from dynamo kiev. Today we send a transport car with supplies to the border. This includes highest quality full body armour, helmets, medi kits, tactical boots and magagzine carriers. Not so much as we hope for but everything in special force quality from germany. Hope it will reach you soon and help to beat the red pigs. Thanks to all volunteers! We do our best for next supplies in this week“ (Quote Telegram, March 2022)


International Contacts


The police in Germany forbid at 16 March 2022 the Spanish fascist Isabel Peralta (19) from „Bastion Frontal“ to enter the country. She transported in her package a swastika flag and the book „Mein Kampf“ by Hitler. (German:

On March 12 2022, representatives of the AfD youth organization “Junge Alternative” attended a congress of “Vlaams Belang Jongeren,” youth organization of “Vlaams Belang,” in Antwerp (Belgium). There were also delegations from Netherlands, Italy, France and Hungary.

The AfD youth organization “Junge Alternative” (JA) participated in a meeting of “Das Jongeren Forum voor Democratie (JFvD)”, the youth organization of the “Forum voor Democratie”, in the Netherlands on March 20 and 21, 2022. Representative of the “Junge Alternative” was Tomasz Froelich, deputy federal chairman of the JA.