Great Britain | 01/23/2023

Great Britain 2023 January

Targeting of ‘migrant hotels’ continues.

More people were referred to the British government’s counter-terror programs for far-right extremism than Islamist extremism for the second year running. The figures also revealed there had been a large rise in the number of men referred to such programs over the ‘women-hating incel ideology.’ Police now consider incels to be an ’emerging risk.’

Counter-terrorism police claim to be removing “a large amount” of homemade gun-making guides from the internet amid fears far-right extremists are producing 3D-printed guns.

Elliot Brown, 25, from Bath, has been jailed for three years and three months for sharing bomb-making instructions in a far-right group chat he was in with neo-Nazi terrorist Dean Morrice. Brown shared a video of his Alexa speaker reading out a recipe for the explosive thermite. Three days later, Morrice purchased chemicals that could be used to make thermite. Morrice was jailed for 18 years in June 2021.

Luca Benincasa, 20, from Cardiff, was jailed for nine years and three months after pleading guilty to terrorism offenses and possession of indecent images of children as young as four. Benincasa, who had instructions on bomb-making, was a recruiter and ‘prominent member’ of the banned neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division, describing himself as the ‘UK cell leader.’

Fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) is the subject of a counter-terrorism strategy involving the Scottish Government, according to the investigative website The Ferret. PA held events across Britain during January, including one protest where they announced their plans to attend publicly in advance. Previously all PA’s protest appearances had been advertised internally to vetted members who have had to provide proof of identity and address.

In the middle of January, PA held a protest in Hull city center against recently reversed plans to house migrants in former student accommodation. Later in the month, PA attended another protest in Seacroft, Leeds, joined by activists from the North West Infidels, Yorkshire Patriots, and current and former members of the BNP and National Front.

PA has now made protesting against migrants being housed in hotels one of their top national priorities. In Colchester, PA held a protest outside a Holiday Inn Express, and another was held outside a hotel in Snowdonia. PA also continues to protest against Drag Queen Story Hours, an event in Salisbury that was disrupted by a PA protest.

PA has been distributing leaflets in areas where there are such hotels. In Bishop’s Stortford, this has promoted a police investigation into the leaflets distributed by PA. Plans to protest outside a hotel in Erskine, Glasgow, were announced by PA.

The leader of the Scottish Family Party has been criticized after being interviewed by PA’s Scotland regional organizer Simon Crane.

Eleanor Wiliams, 22, from Walney, Barrow-in-Furness, was found to have lied about being trafficked by an Asian grooming gang and made false rape allegations against a series of white men. These allegations had been the subject of far-right protests in the town.

Far-right party Britain First (BF) is to contest local elections in Dartford, Kent, in May. BF is set to hold a meeting in Southampton in February. Campaigners have written an open letter asking the venue to cancel the booking.

The British government’s proposed anti-strike laws have been described as ‘fascist’ by a union leader who claims they will ‘damage democracy’.

British fascists look to Ireland for inspiration.

British fascists strengthened their connections with the Irish far-right in January, as anti-immigration protests, which began in November 2022, continue to spread across Ireland. The Far Right Observatory (FRO) criticized the social media companies Meta and YouTube for failing to remove far-right content from their websites. “Instead of bigots shouting on a bar stool, Meta and YouTube are key tools in the ongoing spread of hate propaganda and violence,” FRO told The Times.

In December last year, two of the main organizers of the anti-immigration protests in Ireland, Phillip Dwyer and Mike Connell, appeared on a YouTube channel with PA activists Joe Butler, aka Joe Marsh, and Stephen Thompson, aka Chief Moody, according to The Phoenix magazine. The magazine also revealed that Derek Blighe from Cork has close ties to Collett. In the middle of January, Melissa O’Neill of the Irish Freedom Party appeared on Thompson’s YouTube channel.

During January, prominent Irish fascist Keith O’Brien, aka Keith Woods, appeared once again on PA leader Mark Collett’s weekly live stream. In the past, Collett has appeared on live streams with Limerick-based fascist Karl Cohalan, aka James Collins, Gearóid Murphy, and Philip Dwyer, according to research from Anti-Fascist Action Ireland. Murphy and struggling Irish musician Shane Mason aka Bleeding Holograms, have also appeared on live streams with British neo-Nazi James Owens according to the research.

Daniel Harris, 19, from Derbyshire, was sentenced to 11 and a half years in jail. Videos made by Harris were viewed by two far-right killers who went on to commit attacks in the US last year, Payton Gendron and Anderson Aldrich. Gendron killed ten people in Buffalo, New York. Aldrich is accused of killing five people at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of Harris’ videos referred to Brendan Tarrant as “the Australian saint.”

American neo-Nazi and Atomwaffen founder Brandon Russell, along with his partner Sarah Clendaniel, have been arrested for plotting to wipe out Baltimore’s power gridRussell was previously associated with British neo-Nazi and National Action founder Benjamin Raymond.

At the end of January, Angel Almeida, from Queens, New York, was charged with sexual exploitation of minors and possession of child porn. Reports claim Almedia is affiliated with the neo-Nazi Satanist cult Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

An investigation for Byline Times by the Citizens and il Fatto Quotidiano revealed how Catholic charity St George Education Trust (SGET) is being run by a former National Front member Michael Fishwick. SGET has promoted conspiracy theories and fundraised for a far-right Italian politician Roberto Fiore, a former trustee of the trust.

An article from Heritage & Destiny magazine, exposing an alleged Spanish anti-fascist spy, reveals that British fascist Michèle Renouf hosted the alleged spy on the weekend of 2-4 December 2022 at a small gathering at her second home in the German countryside, where fellow guests included “some well-known figures on the German national socialist scene.” Renouf previously organized similar events in Schwarzenborn, Hessen.

PA leader Collett is now back on Twitter following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the firm. Collett now has an account with an audience of over 50,000, which he had built up before he was banned. This is now the largest social media account associated with PA.

Through January, Collett was joined on his Patriotic Weekly Review Livestream by Swedish white nationalist YouTuber Marcus Follin, aka “The Golden One,” Californian anti-Semite Jon Minadeo Jr. from the Goyim Defense League, aka “Handsome Truth,” and American fascist Warren Balogh from the US-based National Justice Party.

PA’s national fitness officer Kristofer Kearney, who was extradited from Spain to Britain, has denied disseminating terrorist publications. Kearney’s trial is due to start in June.

Yorkshire PA activist Alek Yerbury, described as a ‘Hitler lookalike’ by a publication in Hull, has been revealed to be a former private schoolboy from Adelaide, Australia.

In early January, at least one PA member supported mass leafleting in Oxford to push conspiracy theories about low-traffic neighborhood proposals. This was covered by Canadian hard-right web broadcaster Rebel News, who was in attendance.

Former Rebel News host and reality TV contestant Katie Hopkins has announced plans to take her one-woman show to Blackpool and Blackburn in Lancashire.

Rasmus Paludan burning a Quran outside a Danish mosque has sparked protests by Muslims around the world. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, went to see one of these protests outside the Danish Embassy in central London.

The Spectator magazine has published a glowing review of Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni’s first 100 days in power, rejecting claims she is a neo-fascist. Far-right parties in Europe tend to be electorally successful when the issue of European integration matters to voters, more so than immigration, according to a new study.

Amazon has removed a handful of the Nazi items it sells, after being accused of ‘monetizing’ hate symbols. The UN has warned that parts of the internet are becoming `toxic waste dumps’ for hate. Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has denied being far right.