Greece | 10/31/2021

Greece 2021 October

Key Developments


  • Escalation of far-right violence both in Thessaloniki and Athens:
      • Attacks by an organized fascist group against antifascists continue in Thessaloniki, using as a base a Vocational High School in Stavroupoli, continue for four days in a row.
      • Another attack against members of the Communist Party of Greece takes place in another part of Thessaloniki.
      • A group of 10-15 persons wearing black outfits and armed with bats, attack an open discussion of antifascist organization KEERFA in Neo Iraklio, Athens. A member of “Golden Dawn”, with connections to “Propatria” was recorded on video and convicted for the attack.
      • Racist attack against Pakistani workers by a group of 30 persons shouting racist slurs in Palaia Kokkinia, Piraeus.
  • Court decides to suspend the sentence of prominent Golden Dawn member, Giorgos Patelis, leader of the local “Storm Battalion” of Nikea, convicted as an accessory to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court intervenes to investigate whether the suspension is subject to annulment.