Greece | 01/18/2022

Greece 2022 January

Overall far-right activity remains limited, possibly because of arrests made in December 2021, related to the “Trustees of the Constitution” group.

Two events of far-right violence that happened in January 2022 highlight two different aspects of the far-right networks:

*Bombing outside a makeshift mosque in Athens *

The event of a bombing outside a makeshift mosque of the local communities of Bangladeshi and Pakistani migrants in Athens (23 January 2022 ) is an alarming development, as this attack continues an older line of attacks against local mosques and community centres of migrants’ communites. Some of those attacks were well-documented and presented as evidence at the Golden Dawn trial.

Meanwhile, the composition of the makeshift bomb, which included screws and bolts to maximize damage and possible injuries, seems to be an influence from practices seen in terrorist attacks by the NSU, especially the 2004 Cologne bombing.

*Attack against a high school sit-in in Voula *

A fascist attack against a high school sit-in in the southern suburbs of Athens (19 January 2022), while it had minor impact, is adding another point to an emerging pattern of far-right street groups approaching or influencing high school students. This is a field not well documented in Greece, despite outbreaks of serious and organized violent attacks, such as those seen in Thessaloniki at the end of September and beginning of October 2021.