Greece | 07/17/2022

Greece 2022 July

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape

No significant changes in the national landscape have been observed during this month. The parliamentary far-right party “Greek Solution” retains its following but does not exert significant influence on the far-right political spectrum.

The Golden Dawn trial in the Court of Appeals continues, but a split is observed in the ranks of the defendants: While Golden Dawn’s leader, N. Michaloliakos seeks to postpone the trial, the other two parts of the formerly united party (each led by Lagos and Kasidiaris) want the proceedings to continue.

Transnational Activities & Group Interactions

As there have been no real developments in the transnational level during May 2022, such as public events, meetings or other activities, the Greek far-right groups seem to be simply maintaining and not expanding their occassional connections to far-right groups in other European countries (see previous months’ reports).

The two far-right parties holding seats in the European Parliament is ELASYN (the party founded by former Golden Dawn local head and MEP, Ioannis Lagos) and Greek Solution (MEP Emmanouil Fragkos. Athanasios Konstantinou is also a far-right MEP, elected with Golden Dawn in 2019, but he has been independent since August 2020.