Greece | 11/23/2022

Greece 2022 November

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape

The Golden Dawn trial in the Court of Appeals continues regularly. The process is expected to last at least for two years, given the size of the case file and the number of witnesses.

The two former lieutenants of Michaloliakos, Ilias Kasidiaris and Ioannis Lagos, now each of them being the informal (due to electoral law restrictions) head of their own parties, are trying to turn the trial hearings into a platform for their message.

Pro Patria is becoming more prominent in the national landscape, as it seems to have connections with Kasidiaris’s party, and also is making its presence felt in nationalist events.

Transnational Activities & Group Interactions

During the early days of November, an annual gathering and march is held in a suburb of Athens, where two members of a local cell of Golden Dawn were killed in 1 November 2013. This year the event was organized on 3 November, and was dominated by the presence of Pro Patria members, as well as Ilias Kasidiaris’s supporters. Kasidiaris is a former Golden Dawn spokesperson and since 2019 the head of his own party, “Greeks for the Fatherland”.

A notable presence in this year’s event was that of representatives from the Nationalist Youth of the NPD party from Germany. This is a strong indicator that Kasidiaris’s party is working on extending its network of transnational interconnections.