Greece | 09/23/2022

Greece 2022 September

Introduction & Updates in National Landscape

No significant changes in the national landscape have been observed during August and September 2022. The parliamentary far-right party “Greek Solution” (led by K. Velopoulos) retains its following, around 4% of the vote, but does not exert significant influence on the far-right political spectrum.

For the month of August, the Court of Appeals that is re-trying the Golden Dawn case was in recession for the summer break. But when readjourned in early September, the judges dismissed a motion filed by Michaloliakos’s lawyers to entirely pospone the trial, and resumed the case.

The neo-Nazi street group, Pro Patria, has posted in one of its Telegram channels a message of “solidarity to Ilias Kasidiaris”, a move that establishes, at least, a status of informal alliance between the group and Kasidiaris’s party, “Greeks for the Fatherland”.

Transnational Activities & Group Interactions

In the annual gathering at Thermopylae, organized at 10 September 2022 by Golden Dawn, the leader of the Polish neo-Nazi party “National Rebirth of Poland”, Adam Gmurczyk, a long-time ally of Golden Dawn and its leader, Michaloliakos, was present and delivered a speech.

This signifies that the original Golden Dawn party, under Michaloliakos, is trying to re-engage in international relationships, with the goal to regain the position of the genuine carrier of the national-socialist ideology in Greece in order to mobilize activists, rather than present itself as a mainstream party that collects votes.