Ireland | 10/31/2021

Ireland 2021 October

Key developments


Press Ombudsman rejects Kelly’s challenge to reference of Irish Freedom Party as far-right

  • On 13th October, the Irish Press Ombudsman issued their decision in response to a complaint made by Hermann Kelly, president of the far-right organisation, The Irish Freedom Party. Kelly’s complaint, that online newspaper, The Journal, had breached Principle 1 (Truth and Accuracy) of the Code of Practice of the Press Council of Ireland, for reference to his organisation as far-right, was rejected by the Press Ombudsman. The Ombudsman stated that journalists, “in categorising political parties can legitimately look at what causes and campaigns members or supporters of a party have been associated with. The use of the epithet “far-right” to describe the Irish Freedom Party is, in my view, not a breach of Principle 1.”
  • Founded in 2019, the Irish Freedom Party has come to be known as an ‘astroturf’ organisation in reference to its importing of campaign tactics and continued failure to establish a genuine grassroots base in Ireland. Members of the far-right organisation push anti-immigration and socially authoritarian disinformation alongside populist rhetoric seeking to insert themselves into organised community grievances. For example, in an attempt to tap into widespread grievances oversupply of housing and energy, the 16th Oct rally for secure housing and cheaper energy in Ennis (hometown of IFP leader Michael Leahy) attracted only 10 people.


Leader of hate group, The National Party, invokes ‘blood and soil’ at party annual conference


National Party member gets prison for September 2020 assault on woman


Facebook calls time on Crofts calls for violence


Son of former Taoiseach John Bruton, involved with anti-Semitic group SSPXR

  • An investigation into the West Cork-based anti-Semitic group, The Irish Society of Saint Pius X Resistance (SSPXR) has revealed that Matt Bruton, son of former Taoiseach John Bruton has had extensive involvement with the group for many years. Matt Bruton, former chairman of Young Fine Gael, confirmed to journalists of his involvement with the organisation and of his attendance at the SSPX R conference in Tralee in 2018 which was addressed by Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson. In response to questions about Williamson conviction for Holocaust denial Matt Bruton said “He was convicted in Germany, where it’s illegal in Germany. It’s not illegal here”. Bruton can be seen in an organiser role in footage of the Irish SSPX R events on YouTube.


Generation Identity and Greenline Front in a leak of Facebook’s dangerous organisations list for Ireland

  • Generation Identity (GI) UK and Ireland (including Ben Jones, Joe Newey, Charlie Fox, Charlie Shaw, Martin Sellner, William McNeil) and Greenline Front (GLF) are named in a leak of Facebook’s dangerous organisations list for Ireland.