Ireland | 03/16/2022

Ireland 2022 March

Russia invades Ukraine – a look at international connections between Ireland and the far right in Ukraine and Russia as solidarity effort builds for Ukraine in Ireland

• ‘Zelensky singles out Ireland for lagging in support for Ukraine’ read the original Irish Times headline this month in relation to what since then has been referred to as unclear commentary from the Ukrainian President that may refer to Ireland’s decision not to send military aid to the country. This took place two weeks before Zelensky shared his Greek parliament platform with members of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. Right wing journalists and politicians have sustained criticism targeting Irelands neutrality since Russia invaded Ukraine.

• Irish journalists, in what could generously be described as laziness, have rallied support for Right Sector man currently residing in North Dublin. The original image, since deleted from the article, show the man in military gear wearing the Right Sector flag. The Ukrainian Right Sector are a far-right organisation who engage in street fighting and violently target LGBTQ communities.

New Zealand neo-Nazi moves to Cork

• New Zealander, neo-Nazi Sam Brittenden, has moved to Cork. The 21 year old has a history of making terror threats. FRO researchers have uncovered evidence of Brittendens engagement with SSPXR chat forums and it is believed Brittenden has been recruited into the openly fascist religious cult with a compound in West Cork. Read FRO profile of Brittenden here.

Growing international audience for Keith Woods

• Keith woods ascends to international neo-fascist big leagues hosting Richard Spencer this month in a nationalism debate with Joel Davis.

• Last month, Patriotic Alternative awarded Woods “best non-Brit channel” in their National Awards (11 min in).

INAR and SoH reports on hate out for 2021

• INAR’s Ireport for 2021 came out this month with the following key findings; assault rates remain high, racist language was used in 75% of all criminal offences, the most discriminated against groups was Black-African, and poor experiences among minorities of policing, “trust in Gardai and the criminal justice system among minorities is still alarmingly low”. Serious incidents included the following: “A Black-African woman was verbally abused and threatened with a 30 cm knife at her throat after she asked a stranger to respect social distancing at the bus station”. “A Black man was waiting for his friend outside of a takeaway when a group of young people began shouting racist abuse. The Gardaí were called, but rather than helping the man, he reported that he was punched by a Garda, arrested, and thrown in a cell naked. He was left with injuries and felt anger that he was arrested when he called the garda for help”.

• State of Hate report for 2021 also came out this month with the following reports on Northern Ireland: An upsurge in far-right activity in 2021 fuelled by Brexit and conspiracy theories; dialogue across the religious divide on either side of the border between Dowson, Fransen and far-right groups in the Republic (finding common ground over their shared anti-choice, anti-communism and conspiracy theory tendencies) – of particular note here is confirmation that Dowson is in communication with the National Party, a hate organisation in Ireland; Patriotic Alternative are in the process of establishing a branch in NI; British Movement were joined by former National Front activists when distributing leaflets on the fringe of Loyalist protests last year.

National Front’s dim-witted leader Tony Martin moves to Northern Ireland

• National Front’s dim-witted leader Tony Martin has moved from his mother’s Croydon home to his girlfriends gaff in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. Martin, who claimed in 2018 that support for NF was growing in NI, has a history of pursuing odious boozy blondes. His current woman, Sharon Mellor, former member of EVF (EDL splinter group English Volunteer Force styled on UVF) and associate of Britain First goons, is known for hate crime stunts including threatening to burn down a Mosque – the same mosque KKK costume gang appeared at after posing with Mellor for photos. It’s unclear whether this sleazy pairing could overcome Martin’s lack of smarts as NF leader.