Italy | 11/30/2021

Italy 2021 November

Key Developments


Black month of far-right international

Still awaiting an institutional resolution by the government, in order to ban the neofascist organization New Force, Italy. Thus already condemned both for discriminative propaganda and for several aggressions all over the country, last but not least on 9th October 2021 at CGIL main seat in Rome during a * ‘No Greenpass*’ demonstration. Apart from the ongoing trial and the two main figures of FN still under arrest, a tiny group of italian neofascists took anyway part to the far-right nationalist rally in Varsaw on the 12th Nov. 2021 with one of their flag clearly evident in the pictures of the demonstration. In the same period another member of this organization, located in Gallarate, in Lombardia region, has been sentenced to 15 years of jail, because of illegal international weapons traffic. Police investigation started last year after the discovery of a hidden armory in a private airplane-hub, with even a rocket-launcher among the weapons. The neofascist, who was even candidated at the national elections for FN in 2001, tried to excuse himself, pretending to be only a collectionist.

Moreover a journalist investigation has discovered deep connection between FN leader, Roberto Fiore, and the Pro Vita ultra-catholic and conservative organization, which used to deal with the far-right group for public campaigns and other affairs. Changing the sadly famous motto: “God, homeland and “…money, these relationships converge in common European objectives such as the “fight” against homosexual unions or abortion laws, two issues so dear to the pro-life movement capable of fielding its huge economic heritage, derived largely from private contributions, to pursue its goals. Thepolice discovered that Roberto Fiore sold in 2009 to Brandi and his wife an apartment located in Rome for a sum of 143 thousand euros. The property, located in the northern part of the capital, is considered the administrative headquarters of New Force, the European APF party and other companies linked to Fiore.

Antoher dark shadow in the region regarding far-right international initiatives was the visit of the President of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, at the beginning of November, in occasion of G20 summit in Rome, then enduring his stay around Italy, precisely in Padua and then in Pistoia, where he was even welcome by local authorities, though with a certain embarassment by other institutions and with counter-demonstrations of social movements, natives in Italy and public opinion in general. In Tuscany nor the major of Pistoia, nor other insitutions took part to the celebration with Bolsonaro; and only Lega leader, Matteo Salvini, joined him. In the meanwhile about 300 people gathered in the centre of Pistoia to rally against the far-right brazilian leader, denouncing deforestation in the Amazon under his government and for his management of the COVID-19 pandemic, also accusing him of dictatorial behaviour. Thougher clashes between protestors and police happened few days before in Padua, where President Bolsonaro was awarded the honorary citizenship, due to the birth town of some of his ancestors.

Another recent ‘black international connection’ between Italy and latin-America has been the recent arrest of a former nazist official, Mr. Döhring Falkenberg, operating after WWII in the ‘Colonia Dignidad’ detention center under Pinochet regime in Chile, then accused of crimes against humanity and a fugitive for 16 years in Germany. Last September he was arrested during his holidays in Tuscany at Forte dei Marmi, being kept in prison awaiting extradition to Chile. Unfortunately italian authorities decided precautionary measures alternative to jail for the 76 old years man, imposing him only the daily obligation to signature at the police-station, which didn’t last long before his disappearance.