Serbia | 10/31/2021

Serbia 2021 October

Key developments


A conference was held at the Hotel “Moscow” in Belgrade on September 26.  under the auspices of the international organization Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), which gathered far right movements and parties from all over Europe. The conference is a continuation of the one held in May this year in Rome, hosted by Forza Nuova. The conference clearly highlighted the far right’s desire to take over the heterogeneous movement opposed to pandemic measures embodied in leader Forza Nuova Roberto Fiore speech.

During this conference, it was agreed to hold a similar gathering in northern Kosovo in November, as a sign of European right-wing support for Serbs there. The north of Kosovo has always been important to the extreme right in Serbia, both autonomous and regime-controlled. Northern Kosovo is trying to present itself as “the last bastion of Christianity that resists Islamic invasion and occupation.” French identitarian movement member and racist Arno Gujon, by playing a humanitarian and allegedly helping Serbs in northern Kosovo, built his political position in Serbia, which led him to great influence and the position of director of the “Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region”. From this place, Gujon has the influence to finance all movements similar to identitarians in the region. And that’s what he does. The Leviathan National Defense, the People’s Patrol and the Hero Foundation are just some of the organizations that have applied nd received funding from Secretary Gujon.

At the same time, a coordinated and widespread action of drawing a mural with the image of convicted war criminal general Ratko Mladic began in Belgrade, Novi Sad and several other cities in Serbia. It includes various actors, both those from the far right and members of various hooligan groups, and sometimes political parties from the far right, such as Zavetnici . Only those who control certain organizations from the far right and the fans have the means and infrastructure for that, and that is the top of the Serbian Progressive Party. The reason for this action lies primarily in the fact that a great storm of dissatisfaction arose due to the arrival of Rio Tinto in Serbia and the announced exploitation of lithium, which is why protests and blockades were held throughout Serbia that lasted almost three weeks. With the fictitious conflict between the liberal anti-fascists, the representatives of the sector that oppose muralisation and the guardians of the mural, the attention of the public was drawn to that problem.

Robert Rundo definitely returned to Serbia illegally, and he is again living in Belgrade, according to the information we have, he rented an apartment somewhere in the wider center.