Spain | 11/03/2021

Spain 2021 November

Key developments


The radical section of València CF known as Ultra Yomus, dissolved in 2013, reappeared, led by former members of the neo-nazi trend group and a new section called “Secuaces”, made up of neo-nazi militants from España2000 and Bastión Frontal . His attempt to recover the ultra group has caused a confrontation with other former members of the group, some also of neonazi ideology. This new group has already starred in some incidents near the Mestalla field (Valencia CF soccer field), such as an attack on a young man for wearing a ‘Working Class’ shirt or the exhibition of nazi symbols and chants, denounced by the Conselleria Democratic Memory of the Valencian government.

  • November 1: The Prosecutor’s Office requests jail time for rapper Frankie Gee for arousing hatred and violence against Maghrebis. He sent a video by WhatsApp haranguing to “form gangs” to go to the South to attack “any group of Moors who were in the street” 2F
  • November 1: Christian religious fanatics are reported to harass and harass women who seek to exercise their right to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy and access health care. The campaign against abortion and women’s rights continues. This is part of the campaign of the global extreme right against feminism and women.
  • November 1: the police find Nazi material in the house of the detainee for murdering his mother. He flaunted and spread neo-Nazi speeches on his social networks la-mare.html
  • November 1: Falange act in memory of the founder of the JONS, Ramiro Ledesma Ramos on the 85th anniversary of his assassination
  • November 2: Arrest of a dozen members of Boixos Nois (Nazi ultras of Barcelona FC) for allegedly drug trafficking and sexual exploitation TW_CC
  • November 3: Homophobic aggression in Asturias. This year reports of homophobic assaults have increased significantly.ó-que-era-un-maricon-de-mierda/
  • November 3: cases of racism are reported in nightclubs, these attacks are also increasing
  • November 5: Falange organizes “Cultural Fridays” at its headquarters. This Friday they presented the book “Blas Piñar y la Hispanidad”
  • Far-right groups campaign for “security” and against immigration with the excuse of violations that blame immigrants
  • November 8: The Prosecutor’s Office denounces the nazi Isabel Peralta (leader of the Frontal Bastion) for “urging” violence against Moroccan and Muslim migrants
  • November 9: a member of the extreme right is arrested again for attacking the headquarters of left-wing political parties. He is linked to attacks on other venues, violent demonstrations and belonging to neonazi groups.
  • November 9: Bastión Frontal meeting in Castellón (Valencia) to open a cell in this city
  • November 11: Vox attends the demonstration in Poland
  • November 16: Pedro Chaparro, leader of Democracia Nacional, is notified of the judicial request in order to collect the warrant of entry into prison for next November 26 for the Blanquerna case
  • November 17: the leader of Democracia Nacional on whom an order to enter prison weighs for the next few days, sympathizes with the far-right Roberto Fiore currently in preventive prison
  • November 18: Mass for the soul of José Antonio Primo de Rivera at the headquarters of the Hermandad de la Vieja Guardia (self-defined as a cultural association whose purpose is to spread and watch over the principles of National Syndicalism)
  • November 19: mass and wreath at the birthplace of Primo de Rivera
  • November 19: Democracia Nacional campaign “Spaniards first”
  • November 19: The Spanish television channel “La Sexta” broadcasts a controversial investigative program on neonazi gangs that causes a stir and complaints from different sectors for considering that it whitewashes and advertises these groups. La Sexta opens a conflict with Israel for interviewing the young anti-Semitic Nazi Isabel Peralta
  • November 22: attack on the migration headquarters and LGTBI refuge in Lavapiés, Madrid. A few days before this same place appeared with Vox graffiti.


This month is especially controversial in the Spanish state because different fascist and anti-fascist demonstrations coincide. November 20 is the anniversary of the death of dictator Francisco Franco and different Falangist and fascist groups organize marches and tributes. Also, the anti-fascist collectives hold a demonstration on November 11 in memory of Carlos Palomino, a 16-year-old man murdered by a neo-Nazi soldier in 2007. The Antifascist Coordinators of several cities organize some antifascist days every year on these dates with different activities and end with the anti-fascist demonstration of 20N.

Summary of the tribute events organized by Falange / ADÑ in this month of November:

1000 Falangists tour Madrid on the eve of 20N, in a night march on foot to the Valle de los Caídos, where the remains of the founder of Falange, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, are found. During this march, some young anti-fascists were attacked by members of the security cordon of the demonstration. Images of the night march on the road: