Spain | 10/31/2021

Spain 2021 October

Key Developments


The neo-nazi Democracia Nacional party and its youth continue to campaign against the COVID-19 vaccine. Several nazi parties have joined conspiracy theories about the origin of the pandemic, with different campaigns and demonstrations in the streets, as well as stickers, posters, videos and programs dedicated to this. They use these mobilizations to spread their messages and attract people, as well as to attack the government.

  • October 2: Bastión Frontal Valencia organizes a soccer tournament. This group is doing different sporting events calling for healthy youth and against drugs, as a method of recruiting members and as an attempt to get closer to youth.
  • October 9: Falange paints a Christian cross in Paracuellos del Jarama, a town where fascists were shot during the Civil War.
  • October 12: Democracia Nacional organizes a demonstration in Barcelona for Día de la Hispanidad. Every year on these dates this party goes to Barcelona and organizes a demonstration for the unity of Spain and against Catalan nationalism. Falange also summons this demonstration
  • October 14: Falange campaign against abortion. Far-right parties and nazis take up the campaign against abortion and women’s right to decide. As part of her campaign and her speech against feminism and women’s rights.
  • October 14: former head of the municipal police of Pamplona photographed with members of Vox in an act of this party.
  • October 16: Falangist act in Málaga against the democratic memory law. This party opposes the Historical Memory Law, by claiming the dictatorship and the figure of Franco and Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.
  • October 18: Falange statement requesting the release of Roberto Fiore, after learning of his imprisonment for the assault on the union headquarters
  • October 23: Democracia Nacional also begins a campaign supporting Forza Nova and calling for the freedom of Roberto Fiore
  • October 23: Nazi party Democracia Nacional goes to the working-class neighborhood of Orriols in Valencia to try to monopolize neighborhood discontent over conflicts that arose in the neighborhood, spreading its racist and anti-migration message, presenting migrants, bankers and politicians as the country problem.
  • October 29: Falange organizes an act to commemorate the founding of the Spanish Falange in 1933.
  • October 30: Democracia Nacional Barcelona carried out a symbolic action in honor of Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, founder of Falange, on the anniversary of his death.
  • October 30: España2000 announces that it is organizing a talk in Valencia with Falange Leader Manuel Andrino on November 12.
  • October 31: Bastión Frontal Valencia organizes a sports propaganda event, again with the intention of attracting young people.
  • October 31: Food distribution Hogar Social Madrid
  • October 31: Falange campaign saying that climate change is a sham and against Greta Thunberg.