Spain | 04/18/2022

Spain 2022 April

3th of April National Democracy gives encouragement on Twitter to Miša Vacić, president of the far-right Serbian Right party.

4th of April National Democracy congratulates his “friend” Laszlo Toroczkai on Twitter for the entry of the far-right Our Fatherland party into the Hungarian Parliament

5th of April Fans of the Atlético de Madrid soccer team, several of them related to the ultra group Frente Atlético, sing Nazi and fascist chants and salutes in the match that this team plays against Manchester City at the Etihad stadium in Manchester. UEFA opens an investigation and sanctions the team for these events on April 11 and forces it to display a banner that says “no to racism” in the second leg and to reduce the capacity of the stadium where the match will be played by 5,000 seats.

The Center for Military History and Culture of the Balearic Islands is holding a conference by the historian Juan José Negreira Parets, a member of the Association of Friends of the Castle of San Carlos, under the title “The Balearic contribution to the Blue Division” and with the support of the Ministry of Defending. Negreira was identified in 1977 as the leader of the neo-Nazi organization Cedade, a Nazi holocaust denier.

April 9th Democracia Nacional tweets about the house arrest of Pamela Testa, from the Italian Forza Nouva.

April 11th Investiture of the coalition government of PP and Vox in Castilla y León, the first regional government in which the far-right party reaches a government agreement with the Popular Party, placing the far-right Juan García Gallardo as vice president.

The neo-Nazi group National Democracy retweets tweets from Il Quadrato-Verona and Giuseppe Provenzale II, spokesman for the FN on the memorial of the fascist politician and singer-songwriter Massimo Morcello Vox congratulates Marine Le Pen for her results in the French elections.

April 12th The National Court sentenced Manuel Murillo, a security guard and son of the last Francoist mayor of Rubí (Barcelona), to seven and a half years in prison, who stated on social networks between July and September 2018 that he was going to assassinate the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez . According to an investigation by the newspaper Público, Murillo had been part of the Catalan Nazi organization RE+FNI Recuperemos España-Frente Nacional Identitario (today called FNI-Partido Nacional Socialista Obrero Español or FNI-PNSOE), officially registered in Barcelona on October 13. 2017, at the height of the pro-independence process, and whose leader is the former Spanish soldier José Alberto Pérez Molina. The same outlet links the FNI with the Ukrainian far-right party Svoboda and with the Azov Battalion.

April 15th The Falange congratulates Roberto Fiore, President of the APF, on his birthday

April 20th Vox defends Orban’s victory in Hungary in the European Parliament.

April 23rd The Nazi organization Bastión Frontal celebrates Nazi Days in Almendralejo (Extremadura) on April 23

April 30th Hacer Nation makes a presentation act in Malaga with around a hundred attendees.

The Falange congratulated its “comrade and friend” Roberto Fiore, leader of the Italian party Fuerza Nueva, on Twitter for his transfer to house arrest.