Spain | 08/17/2022

Spain 2022 August


The attack against Darya Dugina, daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin, marks the agenda of the extreme right in August. A new far-right party, Libres, founded by former members of Vox in Ceuta, is also presented this month.

Updates in the National Landscape On August 8, Pedro Chaparro resigned as Secretary General of National Democracy alleging personal reasons. The resignation occurs after he entered prison last March for the attack on the Blanquerna bookstore in 2013.

In August a new far-right party is presented in Ceuta called Libres. Led by Manuel Jesús Vera, a former Vox militant in this city. At the national level, the project is led by Luz Belinda Rodríguez Fernández, former Vox deputy in the Andalusian Parliament and supporter of the Spanish Falange.

Transnational Activity & Propaganda/Narratives

Members of Hacer Nación demonstrate on August 9 in Asturias as part of the international campaign Indigenous Peoples’ Day 202 launched by the British Patriotic Alternative.

Spanish far-right groups, such as Hacer Nación, express their revulsion at the August 21 attack in Moscow that killed Darya Dugina, daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin. Members of the Patriotic Platform association Millán Astray, a former councilor of the far-right party España 2000 and other people linked to far-right groups participate in the tribute to the deceased at the Russian embassy in Madrid, according to journalist Miquel Ramos. Dugin’s relationship with Spanish far-right groups is documented by the journalist Miquel Ramos since his visit to Spain in 2014, invited by the European Alternative. One of his last visits was in 2018 invited by the MSR and where the current secretary of organization of Vox in Barcelona was also active.

On August 26, 27 and 28, Hacer Nación celebrates a summer university, in which Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz, director of the Spanish branch of the Institute of Social Sciences, Economics and Politics, an institution created by Marion Maréchal, granddaughter Jean-Marie Le Pen and former member of the French National Front, and Thibaut Monnier, member of the National Rally. The Spanish branch of the institute created by Maréchal has strong links with the far-right Vox party, according to an article in

Extreme Right in the Courts

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid endorses two suspension sanctions for a national police officer for asking for the vote for Vox and jokingly stabbing migrant minors in videos broadcast on YouTube.

In August, the National High Court ordered the extradition to the United Kingdom of British citizen Christopher TK, a resident of Alfaz del Pí (Alicante) for creating a group on Telegram from which he encouraged his 1,800 followers to attack migrants in the United Kingdom. The extradition is pending approval by the Spanish Council of Minister.