Spain | 01/18/2022

Spain 2022 January

The denial of the covid pandemic continues to be one of the main battlefronts for the extreme right. The year starts with Pedro Chaparro, leader of Democracia Nacional, in front of Congress manifesting against the health measures #TiraniaSanitaria after the demonstration of what they call “globalist tyranny and health dictatorship”.

In the judicial part, the Police dismantle a neo-Nazi group that attacked an LGTBI headquarters and planned to assassinate the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez, former Vice President Pablo Iglesias and attack judges and prosecutors. Several weapons and a manual for the manufacture of explosives were confiscated. The police operation took place in towns in Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid.

The National Court files the case against the four Spaniards who managed a neo-Nazi website. One of the detainees had child pornography on his computers.

And the prosecutor claims six years in prison against three far-right extremists of Democracia Nacional for a hate crime against independentists in Balsareny (Barcelona).

Another extreme right activist has been sentenced to nine months in prison for threatening an LGTBI activist on networks. The police only identified one of the 20 netizens who threatened the young activist when he was a minor.

A man who attacked a young man shouting “Heil Hitler” and “fucking fagot” in Alcalá (Madrid) on past November has been arrested. Sources of the investigation, the arrested person is linked to radical soccer groups and extreme right-wing groups such as the Alcalá Brigades. He has 11 arrests for attack, injuries, riotous brawl and robbery.

And, on January 21, police arrest the leader of the Bastión Frontal neo-Nazi organization and two other members for beating up a colleague and breaking his jaw. The attack took place in Valencia after the celebration of an act of the organization and a Nazi concert hours before. The leader of the group eas imprisoned while the other two neo-Nazis are free on charges.

On an international level, the extreme right party Vox has been the star. The far-right party VOX organizes a summit of far-right parties in Madrid under the title Defend Europe. In attendance Orbán (Hungary), Morawiecki (Poland) Marlene Svazek (Austria), Tom Van Grieken (Belgium), Krasimir Karakachanov (Bulgaria), Martin Helme (Estonia), Marine Le Pen (France), Valdemar Tomasevski (Lithuania), Rob Roos (Netherlands) and Aurelian Pavelescu (Romania).

Italian (FUAN-Azione Universitaria), Spanish (@RevolutioEsp) and French (La Cocarde Étudiante) far-right youth organizations announce their alliance “against the cultural hegemony of the far-left”