Spain | 05/20/2022

Spain 2022 May

May 5th The members of National Democracy Pablo Lucini and Víctor Quiles try to give a conference at the Somosaguas faculty of the Complutense University, but a group of anti-fascists prevents it. Twitter blocks Pablo Lucini’s account for hate speech.

May 7th Gonzalo Martín, from Democracia Nacional, participates in the Forum Europe et de la Nation, in Paris. The forum also broadcasts a message from Pedro Chaparro, leader of National Democracy currently in jail convicted of the attack on the Blanquerna cultural centre, in which he encourages Roberto Fiore —from the Italian New Force party—, Ioannis Lagos —from the Greek Golden Dawn—and Hungary’s Budahàzy, all convicted of far-right terrorism.

Dozens of militants of Spain 2000 from all over the state, especially from Valencia, demonstrate in Madrid under the slogan #ExpedienteRouela, a conspiracy plot created by the Francoist Alberto Royuela that accuses judges and PSOE officials of organizing murders.

May 14th Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana (Kazakhstan), blesses during his visit to Spain the headquarters of Espacio Ardemans, headquarters of the National Union of Workers, a union that considers itself heir to the CONS —a union founded by the Falange in 1934— and chaired by Jorge Garrido, vice president of the Falange.

May 19 to 23 Leaders of the German extreme right meet in Mallorca for a meeting held at a private estate and organized by Irfan Peci. One of the participants is AfD MP Gunnar Lindemann.

May 21th The Falange youth demonstrate in Madrid against all political parties under the slogan “Reconquer Spain”.

May 23 The Electoral Board of Granada maintains the candidacy of Macarena Olana as number one of Vox for the elections in Andalusia despite the fact that the Salobreña City Council, where she was registered, began an ex officio cancellation of her registration on May 20 for not residing there Really. The census is the official certification that one resides in a certain dwelling. Being registered in a home located in an Andalusian town is a requirement to stand for election in this community. Several media outlets denounced that the registration of Olna, in a house owned by Manuel Martín Moreno, leader of Vox in Granada, has been carried out fraudulently since the candidate of this party for the elections does not really live there, as admitted by the Martin Moreno himself.

25 of May The International Counterterrorism Center places Spain among the European countries with ties between the extreme right and the military, citing as an example the fascist salute made by members of the Spanish parachute brigade BRIPAC in Paracuellos on December 8, 2019.

May 28 Making a Nation organizes an act in Asturias to commemorate the Battle of Covadonga, a myth claimed by the Spanish extreme right related to the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslim power. It includes a talk by José Luis Orella, professor at the San Pablo CEU Catholic University and president of Foro Arbil, and Rafa Ripoll, former president of Spain 2000.