The rise of the right is evident not only in the form of aggressive street mobilisations, racist and chauvinist shifts in discourse and unequivocal terrorism, but also in the electoral field. Steady electoral gains in the last three decades has even given the far right governmental responsibilities in some national contexts. At the level of the European Parliament too, the far right has been working hard to consolidate and highlight its success. The tool gives users the opportunity to search for individual members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and for national parties and to follow their evolution through the groups and alliances in the European Parliament. Additional information is provided on these groups and alliances.

This data base documents the mandates of far right parties and deputies in the European Parliament (EP) from 1979 to date and forthcoming. It facilitates an overview of their participation in EP factions as well as in extra-parliamentary party alliances. The basis is data derived from the EP archive, press coverage, scientific articles and self-portrayals. In general, these data is freely accessible but allocated in numerous sources. For the moment, it encompasses all far right politicians and parties who once had or presently have European mandates, furthermore all those far right parties that participated in party alliances at the European level even without being or ever having been represented in the EP.