Video of the ENAM/Antifascist-Europe Launch

By Bjørn Ihler

It was with great pride we launched the European Network for Antifascist Monitoring (ENAM) and the web-portal Antifascist Europe on the 19th of January.

While the launch represents more than a year of developing the project and technical infrastructure as well as collecting information it also marks a new beginning for those of us involved in the project as we embark on the journey to fill in the blank spots in our mapping and monitoring efforts. In the coming months and years, we will both continue to publish monthly reports from the countries we actively monitor, while also filling in the database with both current and historic data to create an even more comprehensive overview of the European far-right. In other words; now the hard work begins!

And as we must remember as we continue to uncover the interconnected nature of the far-right:

“There is no such thing as a lone wolf. They’re part of a wider network.”