Antifascist Europe is an antifascist research project spanning activist initiatives, journalists and researchers from around Europe who monitor the development and transnational networks of far-right and right-wing populist parties as well as white supremacist, neo-Nazi and fascist groups.

News & Analysis

Ukraine | 02/24/2023

“Russia is giving carte blanche to the far right”

A year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against Ukraine on the pretext of “denazification”. A year after the outbreak of war, IRGAC member Alexander Tushkin from Russia spoke to Sergey Movchan, left-wing activist and participant in the Marker project which tracks far-right violence in Ukraine, about Ukrainian nationalism, the far right and antifascists in the Ukrainian army, and how the war has affected their position in society.

Ukraine | 05/13/2022

How Foreign Far-Right Volunteers Are Arriving to Fight in Ukraine

Antifascist Europe presents a report on the activities of foreign far-right volunteer fighters who have flocked to Ukraine since the invasion of Russian troops. It includes the results of monitoring public sources during the first 50 days of the war as well as an analysis of existing publications on the nature of the phenomenon of …

Ireland | 03/04/2023

Podcast Episode on the European Far-Right by Trademark Belfast

Our friends at Trademark Belfast have produced this podcast episode on the European far-right – worth checking out! Médb McDaid & Stiofán Ó Nualláin of Trademark joined by Yolanda Gil of Spanish Union CCOO and  Mojca Zerak from Slovenian trade union Sindikat Mladi Plus talking about the threat of the far right and authoritarian drift …

Germany | 02/06/2023

A Decade of Right-Wing Radicalization

Ten years after its founding, the Alternative für Deutschland shows no sign of moderating its politics By Gerd Wiegel The rise of Germany’s leading right-populist party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) or “Alternative for Germany”, is unprecedented in the German political system. The AfD won 10.3 percent in the autumn 2021 elections, securing it seats …

Country Reports

January 2023


The Portuguese far-right party Chega was hit by several blows in the last three months. An investigative piece by the recent Portuguese Consortium of Investigative Journalists uncovered the connections between Chega and a far-right police movement while showing that there is a huge problem of structural racism in the Portuguese police.  But that wasn’t the …

January 2023

Great Britain

Targeting of ‘migrant hotels’ continues. More people were referred to the British government’s counter-terror programs for far-right extremism than Islamist extremism for the second year running. The figures also revealed there had been a large rise in the number of men referred to such programs over the ‘women-hating incel ideology.’ Police now consider incels to …

January 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The rising inflation and new taxes on oil, cigarettes, and other goods, set by Giorgia Meloni’s government, put the Italian population under economic pressure and enlarge the poverty rate in the country, though not many reactions or dissent have been organized so far. A peculiar aspect is referred to …

January 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape Feminist issues have starred in the agenda of the Spanish extreme right in January. In the first place, as a result of a modification in the medical protocol for abortions in Castilla y León, the only autonomous community in which the extreme right-wing Vox party is part of the …

January 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The New Year in Serbia began where the old one ended, with the tensions in Kosovo and the attempt by international institutions to reach an agreement. On January 6, citizens of Kosovo of Serbian nationality aged 11 and 21 were wounded. Because of this, the Serbs in Štrpac protested, …

January 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The war in Ukraine has been going on for almost a year. In January, the Russian army went on the offensive, seeking to seize the strategic initiative. The focus is now on the town of Bakhmut, which the Russian army is covering from the north and south. After 11 months …