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How Foreign Far-Right Volunteers Are Arriving to Fight in Ukraine

Antifascist Europe presents a report on the activities of foreign far-right volunteer fighters who have flocked to Ukraine since the invasion of Russian troops. It includes the results of monitoring public sources during the first 50 days of the war as well as an analysis of existing publications on the nature of the phenomenon of …


“Copy-and-Paste” Terrorism in Buffalo

By Bjørn Ihler for Antifascist Europe In the week since the terrorist attack that unfolded in Buffalo, New York on 14 May, we’ve dissected manifestos, combed through chat logs, and studied the background and development of yet another terrorist who was driven to kill by the same kind of hatred that has already driven so …


Germany’s anti-Covid Protests: Dangerous Self-Victimization

This article takes a look at the protests against the Corona restrictions and vaccine mandates in Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic and explains the affective dynamics behind them. After identifying far-right actors as central agitators and promoters of Covid-related conspiracy narratives and introducing the concept of affect for a general audience, it points out how self-victimization is the central affective dynamic behind the anti-covid movement in Germany.


Presidential Elections in France

The timing couldn’t be more fortuitous: as the war in Ukraine unsettles political certainties across Europe and Emmanuel Macron seeks to assert himself in the diplomatic arena, voters will head to the polls for the first round of France’s presidential election on 10 April. The second round is scheduled for two weeks later. In the …

Country Reports

April 2022


On 6 April 2022, police searches of 61 properties and arrests “on suspicion of right-wing extremist offences” against 49 people took place in Germany. The searches took place in 11 federal states by 800 police officers. The measures were directed against ten members of the “Atomwaffen Division Deutschland” (AWD), five members of the German AWWD …

April 2022

Great Britain

‘Rainy Fascism Island’ In the middle of April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda, over 4,000 miles away. The issue of migration continues to dominate British far-right activity, but the government’s racist policies severely limit the appeal of far-right parties to the electorate. Fascist party Patriotic …

April 2022


In general, far-right and nazi activity in Russia during January 2022 was medium. There were no public events but nazis started a violence wave in Hitler’s birthday to protest against war in Ukraine. NS/WP assasination case On April 25, the FSB reported the detention of a gang of neo-Nazis NS/WP (National Socialism/White Power), who were preparing to …

April 2022


WHICH RESISTANCE? The Liberation Day celebrations of Mussolini’s regime rid with the partisans’ and allies’ reconquest of Milan, the last biggest city in northern Italy takes place on the 25th of 1945. All over the country, the former partisans’ association (ANPI) organizes initiatives and demonstrations with street parades and popular festivals even days before that …

March 2022


Key developments On March 6, Marion Maréchal (ex-Le Pen), niece of Marine Le Pen and grand daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen has officially rallied Éric Zemmour and his campaign – and was therefore the star of his campaign event in Toulon that day. Despite a clear betrayal of her aunt, her closeness with the identitarian …

March 2022


Russia invades Ukraine – a look at international connections between Ireland and the far right in Ukraine and Russia as solidarity effort builds for Ukraine in Ireland • ‘Zelensky singles out Ireland for lagging in support for Ukraine’ read the original Irish Times headline this month in relation to what since then has been referred to …