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Ukraine | 02/24/2023

“Russia is giving carte blanche to the far right”

A year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against Ukraine on the pretext of “denazification”. A year after the outbreak of war, IRGAC member Alexander Tushkin from Russia spoke to Sergey Movchan, left-wing activist and participant in the Marker project which tracks far-right violence in Ukraine, about Ukrainian nationalism, the far right and antifascists in the Ukrainian army, and how the war has affected their position in society.

Ukraine | 05/13/2022

How Foreign Far-Right Volunteers Are Arriving to Fight in Ukraine

Antifascist Europe presents a report on the activities of foreign far-right volunteer fighters who have flocked to Ukraine since the invasion of Russian troops. It includes the results of monitoring public sources during the first 50 days of the war as well as an analysis of existing publications on the nature of the phenomenon of …

Image of Yan Petrovsky in military gear.
Finland | Far-right, Nordic Extremism, Nordic Resistance Movement, Norwegian Far-Right, Rusich, Russia, Russian far-right, Soldiers of Odin, Ukraine | 08/31/2023

Rusich Fighter Yan Petrovsky’s Escape From Russia

An alleged key fighter, founding member and leader of Russia’s best-known neo-Nazi unit Rusich, Yan Petrovsky, has been detained in Finland. Kyiv has sent an official request to Finnish authorities asking for the extradition of the 36-year-old Russian neo-Nazi. Our investigation explores the many ties of Petrovsky to the Nordic and Russian neo-Nazi community.

Spain | Blockingtheright, elections, Far-right, Spain, VOX | 08/21/2023

Spain after the June elections: will blocking the right be enough?

For the moment, it seems that the extreme right is not gaining that many institutional positions at the state level. But it has achieved a lot of institutional power in municipalities and regions. In a state where the autonomous regions have important powers, it is conceivable that four years of regressive public policies will follow in many autonomous communities.
However, at state level, the progressive block is holding.

It remains to be seen how the balance of power will develop in the coming months.

election, Far-right, Finland, parliament | 07/14/2023

Finland’s Cabinet of Horrors

This article was first published by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung on Jul 13th, 2023 – by Pinja Vuorinen. The Finnish parliamentary elections were held on April 2, but it has taken almost three months for a new government to be formed. After only two weeks in power, Finland’s new right-wing coalition faces neo-Nazi scandals and …

Country Reports

March 2023

Great Britain

Migrant hotel protests continue. Former footballer turned TV presenter Gary Lineker sparked controversy after comparing government policy towards refugees to Nazi Germany. This led to Lineker being taken off a flagship football show which prompted a walkout by fellow presenters. Protests against hotels being used to house refugees continued in March, although smaller than in February, …

March 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape March marked one year and one month since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian War. At the beginning of March, the far-right unit Russian Volunteer Corps, which consists of Nazis fighting on the Ukrainian side, crossed the border into Russia and carried out a daring raid into the Bryansk region. Two …

March 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape A verbal attack, in broad daylight, on Zagreb’s European Square, on the delivery man Wolt and the attackers raising his right hand in the air and exclaiming “Heil Hitler” during the arrest, then in the night hours, on Ilica, a verbal and then a physical attack on two workers …

March 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape The motion of censure presented by Vox against Pedro Sánchez took place at the beginning of March. The initiative was proposed as a candidate for president of the Government of Ramón Tamames, a historical politician of the Communist Party, and has been rejected with the only votes in favor …

February 2023

Great Britain

Anti-migrant hatred goes mainstream Refugees in Britain are living in fear after a spate of protests outside hotels the government is forcing asylum seekers to live in while their claims for asylum are processed by a racist Home Office. In Knowsley, Liverpool, one of these protests turned into a riot in which a police van was …

February 2023


Introduction & Updates in National Landscape   Kneelers counter-protest Campaigns of Catholic men kneeling with rosaries on main city squares in Croatia continue every first Saturday of the month. But this February, for the first time, numerous counter-protests were organized by several feminist associations, the Workers’ Front, SDP, and youth associations in Zagreb and Šibenik. …